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There has been a paradigm shift in the choice of streams opted by students after class 10th or after class 12th, in the past few years. This inclination to explore new courses, apart from the regular streams, has opened doorways for liberal arts or humanities. In the past, little importance was given to subjects belonging to the humanities stream as they were perceived to have a low employability quotient. A student might be passionate about history, political science, philosophy etc. but he/she is coerced to take up subjects that define a career path. With the rise in awareness of different academic disciplines/ streams that one can pursue, students, as well as their parents, take painstaking efforts to finalize a stream. The following article sheds light on one such most sought after course namely “IIT Madras’ five year integrated Master of Arts (M.A.) programme.”
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The Department of Humanities and Social sciences (HSS):
  • The Department of Humanities and Social sciences (HSS) at Indian Institute of Technology Madras conducts an entrance test “Humanities and Social Sciences Entrance Examination” every year for the intake of students to the five years integrated Master of Arts (M.A.) programme.
  • Keeping interdisciplinary studies as one of the guiding principles, the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at IIT Madras has incorporated the five-year integrated Master of Arts (M.A.) programme in its course curriculum. 
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  • The five year integrated Master of Arts (M.A.) programme is rated very highly by academicians and industry- veterans as it engages students in many thought-provoking discussions and debates based on society, the role of people in society and the environment.
  • There are two major streams under HSEE 2022 that students can take admission in, namely:-
1) Development Studies  2) English Studies
The first two years of the curriculum are common to all the students so that they are able to understand their area of interest and then opt for the stream.
Important features – Five Year Integrated M.A. in Development Studies
This course aims to address issues that are a direct fall out of living in the ever-changing global world. There are issues such as economic development, the role of markets and associated economic uncertainties, gender relations, social issues such as poverty, inequality, the role of government institutions, challenges to the environment, which require analysis and a deeper understanding. In addition to these, students need to develop quantitative skills to enhance their knowledge of subjects such as economics. To fully understand the correlation of these subject areas with the society and to understand order and change, one needs to acquire relevant knowledge and skill in the inter-disciplinary field of Development Studies.
Important features – Five Year Integrated M.A. in English Studies
This course aims to cater to those students who have an inclination for literary and linguistic analyses. Students will develop an understanding of English literature, including current debates in literary theory and the relevance of an interdisciplinary approach. Students will be introduced to language, literary and cultural studies with an approach to develop a critical mindset. Acquire reading skills along with an analytical approach is of utmost importance for students enrolled in this course. In this course, students study the works of Asian, African, Latin American, and Continental authors so that they develop an open-minded approach and critically analyze other important literary works.
Admission Process:-
Students interested in taking admission in the five-year integrated Master of Arts (M.A.) programme have to appear for the Humanities and Social Sciences Entrance Examination (HSEE). IIT Madras conducts HSEE for admissions to its integrated programmes. Only 58 students are enrolled for the course; therefore, there is stiff competition to get admission in this sought-after five-year integrated Master of Arts (M.A.) programme . 
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Career opportunities after Five year integrated Master of Arts (M.A.) programme:-
  • A career in Civil Services/ Government: Students intending to sit for civil service entrances then studying subjects like as economics, logic, law, mathematics and statistics, English helps them to perform better.
  • Financial sector: Those students who have developed an interest in subjects like statistics, risk analysis, economics then one can be employed in Banking institutions such as RBI, NABARD, IRDA, and venture into research projects.
  • Employment in International organizations:- Students having a post-graduate degree from IIT Madras in the field of Development studies have a golden opportunity to work in international organizations such as Amnesty international, and UNICEF, refugees international, the European Agency for Fundamental rights etc.
  • Consultancy jobs: After graduating in development studies, many students take up consulting jobs in various social and charitable organizations.
Those students who have passed 12th standard  and a have passion to pursue a career in Humanities but are not sure of the subject that they need to study, then this after five-year integrated Master of Arts (M.A.) program is apt for them. This course has opened many opportunities for students studying humanities.
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