HSEE 2022 Syllabus

The Indian Institute of Technology Madras has introduced a five-year integrated Master of Arts program keeping the interdisciplinary approach as its guiding principle. The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) of IIT Madras felt the need to provide academic courses from liberal arts and humanities that can be pursued for career options. The requirement for trained post-graduates in humanities and social sciences has been felt in the government and NGO sector. The course in humanities introduced by IIT Madras is well rated by academicians and opened new career opportunities for students. The following article sheds light on an important component of HSEE 2022. The first step to crack any entrance is to know the syllabus of that entrance. Therefore, keeping this in mind, this article covers a list of important topics that need to be covered to crack HSEE entrance at IIT Madras. This article has been prepared after referring to the important components of the HSEE syllabus posted on the official website. To crack the HSEE 2022, one has to devise a study plan that gives equal importance to all the subject areas.
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Syllabus for Part I of HSEE 2022:-
1.  English:- This section will test a student’s knowledge of English language. The candidate will be tested on three major components in this section, namely :-
  • Reading and comprehension skills:- A passage will be given in this section wherein students need to read and comprehend the contents of the passage. After thoroughly going through the passage, students have to answer few questions which are in multiple choice format.
  • Grammar:- This part tests candidate’s knowledge of concepts of English grammar. It is important that students study sentence structure and usage, tenses, verbs and other important topics.
  • Vocabulary:-  A students’ understanding of words is put to test in this part of the HSEE exam.
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2. Analytical & Quantitative Ability:- This section tests a student’s understanding of mathematical concepts and his reasoning abilities. Topics related to mathematics and reasoning fall under this category which students need to prepare.
Highest Common Factor (HCF) and Lowest Common Multiple (LCM),
Basic Statistics- Averages
Ratio and proportion
Profit and Loss
Simple and Compound Interest
Work and time
Age sums
linear equations
Elementary Trigonometry
Data interpretation
Analytical reasoning
Logical reasoning
3. General Studies:-
a. Indian Economy:- Understanding the Economy, Main Features of Indian Economy, Major Economic problems, Economic Growth and Development, Sectoral Development, Foreign Trade and International Economy, Money, Banking and Public Finance.
b. Indian Society and Culture:- Structure of Indian Society, Social Change in India, Medieval and Modern Indian History, Indian Philosophy and Thinkers, Indian Traditions and Knowledge Systems.
c. World Affairs:- Emergence of the US and USSR, Democracy and Development, Hunger and Poverty
d. Environment and Ecology:- Global Environmental Picture, Ecosystems,Pollution, Principles of Solar Energy.
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Syllabus for Part II of HSEE 2022
This part checks the writing skills of the candidate. The topic for the essay writing will be based on current affairs and general knowledge. It is expected that students have an understanding of major social, political and economic issues of the country. Those students who build an argument, present an opinion and support it with relevant examples are bound to get good marks.
It is important that students read newspapers and monthly GK magazines to enhance one’s understanding of Gk topics. Watching debates and discussions on television helps HSEE aspirants  to develop a perspective about various social issues.
For detailed information, student should refer to the link mentioned below:-
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