CLAT Test Series

The much-awaited CLAT Test Series for 2022 is formulated keeping in mind the actual CLAT (and other non-CLAT exams). Prepared by our experienced and expert faculty, the Hitbullseye CLAT Test Series provides you with all the basics to prepare for the exam. Exam patterns and difficulty levels for each component are based on current examinations. In addition to a detailed analysis of your performance, you will also be able to discover where you stand in comparison to your rivals around the country.
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As with any exam preparation, there's no substitute for actual practice, and our CLAT 2022 test series are designed to help you get familiar with the expected questions. As well as learning about CLAT Test Series 2022, you will also get access to it.
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Features of CLAT 2022 Test Series
Major confidence boost: Prepare for CLAT and other non-CLAT exams with our 110+ (CLAT) and 80+ (Non-CLAT) practice tests constituting over 10,000+ questions as per the latest exam pattern. This will help you understand the difficulty level, important questions and tips and tricks to solve the questions in time.
AI-based Test Analytics: Get a comprehensive and comparative section-wise analysis and full analysis for your tests. Also, get a question-wise breakdown analysis for determining your strengths and weaknesses.
National Level Percentile Predictor: The percentile predictor tells you where you stand on a national level by comparing your test score with all the students who have taken the test and the past CLAT score trends. Test analysis is conducted through a smart AI-based approach that analyses your performance precisely in each section and question. Based on the analysis, you can devise an exam preparation strategy and improve your skills.
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Time Management & Accuracy Strategy:  Solving mocks, and practice tests help you achieve the highest level of your preparation and complete accuracy. Being on the lines as an actual CLAT exam paper helps you assess your current level of preparation, design an appropriate strategy, avoid making the same mistakes, and finally improve your performance. You start to do better at every step of your preparation.
Whatsapp Group to clear all your doubts:By joining the whatsapp group, you will connect with  Hitbullseye mentors and fellow LAW aspirants. In the group, you can share your queries and get the answers swiftly in less time. It also helps you build a community to discuss doubts and prepare well for the exam.
Closest to CLAT: This CLAT test series results from years of academic expertise and is closest to the actual CLAT exam. The experienced faculty at Hitbullseye has specifically designed the test series keeping in mind different features. Being on the same lines as the actual CLAT question paper, the test series builds a sense of confidence in you and makes you familiar with the requisites of the actual paper. 
Adopting the data-driven approach, Hitbullseye's CLAT test series will propel all students towards great results. Want to excel in CLAT or other non-CLAT exams? Then, it would help if you enroll yourself in this test series.
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