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Education in business management from the nation's best universities such as IIM Indore and Rohtak is a dream for many aspirants who aspire to make a career in the world of business. Many candidates pursue bachelors in engineering and computers and then go for studies in business, such as getting an MBA which is no doubt a good choice. Still, one can go for the business management programme straight after passing their intermediates. This way, there is a possibility of getting one year saved as one may complete his MBA in the five-year integrated programme and get more time in the field of experience than in the school of theory.
However, to make a prosperous career in business, one has to get admission in one of two IIM's, IIM Indore and IIM Rohtak, for 280 seats in India. Other than these two, NIRMA University also accepts the IPMAT scores with 180 students for the integrated MBA programme. From here, you can imagine the competition and the urge of the aspirants to get into these institutes for which they have to clear the IPMAT. In 2019 there were more than 30k students who took the IPMAT.
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IPM Coaching
Coaching is a tested and accepted form of preparation when considered in the context of the IPM for admission to IIM's and other business management colleges accepting IPMAT scores. There are mega coaching institutes preparing aspirants for the IIM IPM. Similarly, Hitbullseye is the market leader when it comes to preparing aspirants for IPMAT. Seeking the same requirement, Hitbullseye has prepared an IPM coaching programme for the candidates looking for admission in the colleges giving the integrated MBA degree.
Why take Hitbullseye IPM online coaching?
Conventional coaching is still considered good for the IPMAT. Still, if we consider the pros of IPM online coaching, it proves to be more advanced and now readily accepted due to its ease of accessibility and efficacy feature. Hitbullseye team, with their expert faculty, have designed the IPM online coaching for the aspirants to help them clear the IPMAT and get admission in their dream IIM for the five-year MBA programme.
  • More time-saving and less expensive- When you go for online IPM coaching, you will not waste any time and money travelling to your coaching centre. You can be comfortable at your place, and you can access the entire IPM coaching from any device, such as a laptop/mobile with decent internet connectivity.
  • Learn when you want- Since you will have access to IPM online coaching, you may want to learn or revise some concepts at 11pm. You cannot go to the coaching center then. Therefore when you have the IPM online coaching programme with you, you can go to any topic that you want to study and as per the time when you are free.
  • Save more and learn even more- If you go for the online IPM coaching, it will cost you less than the amount you will have to deposit as the course fees. You cannot revise the topic repeatedly if you have not understood it in-classroom coaching, but when you have the online IPM coaching programme, you get the privilege to see it as many times as you want.
  • Learn from one, learn from all. With the IPM online coaching, you are enrolled in the discussion groups to get your questions solved whenever you have a doubt related to any topic. Expert faculty members will attend it, and even your study group members will discuss it with you.
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Salient features of Hitbullseye IPM online coaching
With the advancing technology, learning is also getting advanced regularly. Therefore Hitbullseye has replicated the entire classroom teaching and interactive learning to their IPM online coaching. In IPM online coaching, you will get better features than conventional coaching, as learners and teachers are always available. There are different categories of students who enroll in the programme they want as per their learning requirements. So we have designed this online IPMAT coaching as per the ease of the students.
  • You will be attending the live lectures, for which you receive notifications. You also get to clear your doubts by actively participating in the doubt sessions being solved and taken by the expert faculty during the live lectures. When you come prepared on your own, special doubt sessions are also taken where only your queries and questions are attended.
  • In the IPM online coaching, you will be getting the recorded videos lectures of IPM online coaching. You will also get access to e-books and assignments. You get the tips and tricks to increase your question-solving speed, and thus improving your chances of clearing the exam is also heightened.   
  • Mocks tests are an integral part of IPM online coaching. When you take the IPM mock tests with the Hitbullseye IPM coaching, you will get a complete analysis of your performance along with the national ranks, which will let you know how much more effort you need to put in IPMAT.
  • Telegram groups are formed to solve the problems and queries you face while studying from the IPM online coaching preparation. These groups are active 24*7, and even after you qualify for the IPM written exam, you will be assisted to prepare for the IPM WAT and GDPI. So the online IPM coaching prepares you from the initial till the end.
Frequently asked questions for IPM Online Coaching
As an IIM IPM aspirant preparing from the IPM online coaching, there may be a few common questions and queries that may come to your mind, such as:-
How much can I prepare for the IPMAT from the IPM online coaching?
IPMAT (IPM) online coaching will prepare you in an advanced form than that your regular classes do. You will be prepared from the live/ recorded lectures, e-books, and mock tests, which readies you thoroughly for IPMAT.
What's in the IPM live lectures?
IPM live lectures are real-time classroomsthatthe expert faculty conduct. You get to attend the exact classroom teaching atmosphere through online mode. You can ask questions to the teacher which will be attended by the teacher right there. Otherwise, they are taken care of in the Telegram group.
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What do I do if I miss the IPM live lecture?
In case if you miss the IPM live lecture, you can access it later as it will be there on the student's course page after two days of getting recorded. However, in the recorded lectures, you cannot ask questions.
If I buy more than one course, can I access both from a single account?
You can. When you buy one IPM programme, you can buy and access the other with the same credentials you got with the welcome email. But the payment has to be made for both the programmes which you can make using online mode.
Is the payment secure that I made for IPM online coaching?
It is secured we don't store any of your sensitive data, such as your CVV and OTP's. The payment gateways are the trusted ones which are GooglePay, PayTM and PayU.
Is there any requirement of technical specification for utilizing the IPM online course?
You will require an e-device such as a laptop or desktop, mobile or tablet with an internet connection for accessing the IPM online coaching.
Can mobile be used to access the IPM online course?
You can use mobile by entering the same credentials that you got in the welcome mail to access the course you have enrolled in.
Is IPM online coaching sufficient to clear IPMAT?
Our IPM online coaching is technically advanced than the conventional classrooms. IPM courses give complete and thorough preparation to students at every step of their preparation, such as mocks, assignments and interactions with the faculty.
How much is the difference between IPM classroom and IPM online coaching?
There is some difference between IPM conventional and IPM online classrooms. IPM online coaching is high on advancement. Faculty and experts are available there online to solve the questions and doubts of students. IPM online coaching will be less expensive than the regular IPM physical classroom coaching classes, and the chances of getting the scholarships are high with IPM online coaching. Therefore IPM online coaching is more suitable than IPM conventional coaching.
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