CLAT Online Coaching

CLAT Online Coaching is an effective method of preparation for the CLAT as well as other law entrance examinations. Video lectures, live classes, updated test series etc can be accessed through CLAT Online Coaching.
CLAT Coaching
Just like IIT is for engineering aspirants and AIIMS is for medical aspirants, NLUs (National Law University) are premier institutes for law aspirants. CLAT is the gateway to 24 NLUs in our country which offer the best law programs and placements. CLAT online coaching is a flexible and effective method for preparation for the CLAT exam. CLAT online coaching is increasingly gaining popularity over the traditional offline model. Hitbullseye offers comprehensive CLAT coaching programs for in-depth and complete preparation for CLAT. Given below are the various courses and programs that students can enrol in for CLAT prep.
CLAT Online Classroom
CLAT online classroom is a whole package comprising 240+ hours of interactive live classes, 110+ full-length mocks (CLAT & Non-CLAT), our exclusive current affairs magazine “BullDose,” and much more. This program ensures the comprehensive preparation of a law aspirant. This course is ideal for serious aspirants who aim to begin their law careers with the top law institutes in the country. 
CLAT Practice Test
When preparing for a national-level exam it is very important to monitor your progress. In CLAT online coaching CLAT test series plays a vital role. Hitbullseye’s Law Test series is powered by best-in-class AI Test analytics which instantly gives you detailed feedback on your performance. This ensures that a student becomes aware of his areas of weakness and strength. Since the syllabus of majority of other law entrances is more or less the same, these test series can also be useful for various non-CLAT exams such as AILET, SLAT, NLAT, LSAT etc. 
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CLAT Do It Yourself
Many aspirants wish to opt for self-studying while preparing for the CLAT exam. For such aspirants, Hitbullseye’s DIY program for CLAT is the right choice. This program is apt for students who wish to study at their own pace and need flexibility in their preparation. It consists of 85+ full length tests(CLAT, AILET, SLAT, LSAT etc.), 450+ sectional/topic-wise tests, 245+ concept videos and much more at competitive prices. 
CLAT Free Prep
Hitbullseye’s CLAT online coaching also provides free study material for aspirants who wish to get a basic understanding of the exam pattern, syllabus etc. It also has several concept videos and assignments that will help you brush up on your knowledge for CLAT exam.
Why should you go for CLAT online coaching?
There is no doubt that offline coaching is good but CLAT online coaching proves to be more effective than the conventional coaching. The best thing about it is that students can access the resources anywhere and anytime at their convenience. Below are the features of Hitbullseye CLAT online coaching for CLAT.
  • If you choose CLAT online coaching you will save plenty of time from travelling to the physical coaching classes. This way you will end up saving enough time to spend on your preparation for the CLAT exam.
  • As the study material of Hitbullseye CLAT online coaching is available online, aspirants are free to access it according to the batch timings that suit them. This way a student is free to prepare at his own pace and understanding. They can access the recorded classes unlimited times in case they have not understood something.  
  • CLAT online coaching is also more cost-effective than conventional offline coaching. When you purchase Hitbullseye’s online CLAT coaching program, you will learn more at a cost less than regular CLAT coaching.
  • With CLAT online coaching you get to learn from your peers who have also joined the platform. In case you have a query while attending the live lectures you can ask questions on the student panel where you can also get solutions from our expert faculty or even from your peers.
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Key features of Hitbullseye online CLAT coaching
The CLAT online coaching covers the entire syllabus to prepare you for the CLAT exam. We have kept in mind the different needs of the aspirants and then designed the exhaustive CLAT online courses with the help of our expert faculty. Here we have given you the prime features of our online CLAT programme.
  • The exclusive CLAT study material will comprise recorded video lectures, ebooks and assignments. Along with these you will also get expert guidance and support to solve different types of questions asked in the CLAT exam.
  • You will get access to our well-curated mocks and test series. The assignments and mocks are categorized chapter-wise and section-wise. These test series are accompanied by our unique AI test analytics which includes features like national ranking, national percentage, etc.
  • Once a student enters our ecosystem he is added to a special Telegram group where he can interact with his peers and faculty members. This group helps aspirants solve their queries or have healthy academic discussions with their classmates.
CLAT Masterclass
Can I prepare for CLAT exam from CLAT online coaching?
Surely, the CLAT online classes will prepare you better than your conventional classes. You will get to prepare from the live/ recorded lectures, ebooks and take multiple mock tests which will prepare you thoroughly for CLAT exam.
What to do if I miss the live lecture?
If a student miss a live lecture he can access it after two days on his course page. The live lectures are also recorded for the students which they can access anytime and anywhere
If I purchase more than one course, can I access both from one account?
Sure you can. After buying one CLAT programme you can apply for the other using the same credentials. However the payment will be different for both programmes
Is there any technical specification needed for utilizing the CLAT online course?
To access CLAT online classes you only need a laptop, desktop, mobile device or tablet with a good internet connection
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