HSEE Online Coaching

Humanities and Social Sciences is the new budding stream among students at school and higher level. Since the stream offers multi-disciplinary learning, it also offers numerous career options that enable you to become professional in your chosen fields. Pursuing a career in Humanities and Social Sciences requires a degree, professional experience and sound understanding of the subjects to implement it further. Seeing this growing demand, numerous institutions have introduced the courses to their curriculum. Out of which, the first one to introduce it was IIT Madras.
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IIT Madras has the Humanities and Social Sciences Department, which is one of the oldest departments that offer Integrated Masters Program in Development Studies and English Studies. The programs are multi-disciplinary and offer vast learning experiences to the students. However, to take admission to any of the courses requires a qualifying score in the Humanities and Social Sciences Entrance Exam (HSEE) conducted by IIT Madras. Every year thousands of students apply for the program but the seats are limited to 26 each in Integrated MA in Development Studies and Integrated MA in English Studies.
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Thus, every student hopes to crack the exam in the first attempt. To make it to IIT Madras’s multi-disciplinary integrated program, students need to qualify the entrance exam with great marks. Students can achieve their dream of studying Humanities and Social Sciences by taking up HSEE Coaching, which will cover all the syllabus, mock tests and practice papers to help you ace the HSEE 2022.
HSEE Coaching
HSEE Coaching offered by the expert faculty at Hitbullseye is an adapted and trusted source for the preparation of HSEE. The teaching pedagogy and techniques that the faculty uses have improved the learning ability of the students, which helps them in retaining the lessons and practices them. HSEE Coaching is one of the most effective sources in helping aspiring students to learn and prepare for the competitive exam. Keeping in the mind the requirements of the students, Hitbullseye has specifically designed the program covering all the important topics to provide the best learning experience to the students and to help them crack the exam.
Further we will read about the benefits and features of our HSEE Coaching.
Why go for HSEE Online Coaching?
Conventional coaching is one of the oldest modes of coaching that most of the students prefer. However, with the inception of the internet, even the education industry has made the shift to online coaching. Online Coaching has been effective and advanced as compared to conventional coaching.
Benefits of Online Coaching
  • When you enroll for the HSEE Online Coaching, you can save plenty of the time that you spend travelling to the centres. The time saved can be used in preparation for the exam.
  • You can attend the classes as per your convenience. In online coaching, study material, practice tests, mock tests and sample papers are available online. You can easily access them 24/7. Through this, the student can learn and practice as per their understanding and time.
  • Live lectures are also uploaded on the portal once they have been conducted for the students to revise and go through it.
  • If students have any queries or doubts, they can easily contact the concerned teachers through telegram groups. Besides, on the portal students can directly ask the questions by clicking on ask the question while attending the classes.
Features of HSEE Coaching
The expert faculty at Hitbullseye has specifically designed the exhaustive HSEE Online Coaching to help the students prepare well for the examination. Here are the features of the HSEE Online Coaching programme.
  • Students enrolling for the HSEE online coaching will get access to all of the live lectures, mock tests, sample papers and practice papers. However, students can choose their timings as per their convenience, as classes are conducted on the weekends and weekdays.
  • The HSEE study material will include recorded lectures, assignments, e-books, and practice papers. Along with these students also get HSEE preparation tips and strategies to utilize in solving the questions of different levels of difficulty.
  • Students can easily access the mocks and practice papers as they are categorized as section-wise and topic-wise. Upon appearing for the mocks, students will get a details performance analysis based on their performance in mocks, which will be compiled by the expert faculty. Through performance analysis, you can work hard on your weaker areas and strengthen your stronger areas.
  • Students can easily contact concerned teacher through groups to clear any of their doubts and queries.
Thus, online coaching has its own benefits as compared to conventional coaching. The expert faculty at Hitbullseye has compiled a comprehensive coaching program to benefit the students’ learning and help them excel in HSEE 2022.
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Frequently asked Questions for HSEE Online Coaching
Can I prepare for the HSEE from the HSEE online coaching?
Surely, the HSEE online coaching will prepare you more than that your conventional classes will. You will get to prepare from the live/ recorded lectures, e-books, and give lots of mock tests which will prepare you for thoroughly for HSEE.
What to do if I miss the live lecture?
Even if you miss the live lecture you can access it as it will be shown in the student’s course page after two days of being recorded. However, you cannot ask questions in the recorded lectures. Then you will have to take the help of your telegram groups to get them solved.
If I purchase more than one course can I access both from one account?
Sure you can. Upon buying one HSEE programme you can go for the other using the same credentials. However, the payment will be different for both the programmes which you can make using online mode.
Is the payment that I made secure?
Absolutely, we never store any of your secure data such as your CVV and OTP’s. The payments gateways are among the trusted ones which are Google Pay, PayTM and PayU.
Is there any technical specification needed for utilizing the HSEE online course?
All you need is a laptop/desktop/mobile/tablet with a good internet connection for accessing the HSEE online coaching.
Can I use mobile to access the HSEE online course?
Yes you can, the use of mobile with the same credentials that you received in the welcome mail will be used from your mobile device to access the course that you have enrolled in.
Is online coaching good enough to clear HSEE?
Our HSEE online coaching is better and advanced. The HSEE courses provide complete and thorough preparation to students, at every step of their preparation. The mocks, assignments and interactions with the faculty will prepare you in an advanced form along with the analysis and assessment of your performance will help you to prepare and improve the performance for qualifying the HSEE. 
Is there any difference between the HSEE classroom and HSEE online coaching?
Not really. There is not much difference between HSEE conventional and HSEE online classroom but there will be a slight advancement in the HSEE online coaching as there will be an all-time presence of faculty and experts to solve the queries of students. HSEE online coaching will be more economic as it is free of travelling costs and chances of getting the scholarships are also high. Thus HSEE online coaching is more recommended than HSEE conventional coaching.
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