CLAT Mock Test

CLAT or Common Law Admission Tests is a national-level entrance exam conducted by the Consortium for admissions to five-year integrated law programmes at National Law Universities. Other than the NLUs, a few private and government colleges also accept CLAT scores for admissions.
In 2020, CLAT saw a few changes in its exam pattern. The question paper comprises 150 questions. Also, there will be a negative marking of 25% marks per question. Solving CLAT Mock Tests will help the candidate in knowing about the new exam pattern and important topics. Also, being familiar with the actual exam paper will help them understand the difficulty level and prepare for the exam accordingly.
CLAT Mock Tests are a great approach to prepare for the exam. The exam conducting body releases mock tests on similar lines with the actual CLAT papers. Every candidate needs to attempt mock tests before appearing for the competitive exam.
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Why to Solve CLAT Mock Tests
Our experts at Hitbullseye have listed some reasons about why one must solve mocks before attempting the actual exam paper –
Practice and Preparation
Supposedly, issues in mock tests might be answered faster if you practised and understood the concepts involved. When it comes to preparation, if students are behind, they should start right away, clarify their basic ideas, and then apply those concepts while taking mock examinations. An evaluation of their preparation levels and improvement of weak areas will be possible due to this process.
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Prepare an Exam Strategy
Rather than memorizing the concepts and formulae, planning the appropriate strategy is more important. Because of this, knowing how to strategize is crucial for passing these exams. Students can use these mock examinations as a benchmarking tool to gauge their preparation and improve their weaknesses.
Time Management
When you have to pass competitive tests, time management is crucial. It's quite tough to answer all questions in the allotted time because precision is key to scoring well. Determining which questions to tackle first and which ones to avoid will be easier if you take more mock exams.
Learn Tips and Tricks
These mock tests are designed to help you master some advanced skills while you're taking them. As a result, students often come up with novel ways to apply simple principles to their lives.
Real-world testing should include mock tests. If a student takes the mock test seriously, they will do well on the real exam. Attempting a mock test offers you a chance to learn and enhance your performance on the real thing.
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Post-examination Analysis
Every time a student fails an exam, they should take the time to comprehend and evaluate their mistakes. Understandable only after going through every detail. Each question should be worked out in numerous ways before looking for solutions.
Benefits of Solving Mock Tests
  • Mock tests are simulated exams that may be taken at home or at a coaching centre to prepare for the real thing. In general, the more exams you take, the more comfortable you will be on test day itself.
  • They are provided with a report detailing their performance in each area of the CLAT mock test. To better understand their performance level, students can use this report as a guide to analyzing their own. There is no way to tell if they have aced the test or not.
  • It is well-known that incorrect answers will be penalized. The importance of precision becomes apparent. By practising with mock examinations, you can enhance your exam accuracy.
  • After preparing for the CLAT exam, students can take a test to see how well they've prepared for the actual exam. Since mock exams give people confidence in their ability to pass the examination, they'll be motivated to improve and score higher every time they take them.
  • Students who practise mock examinations will be able to identify their weaker regions and improve them compared to their strong ones.
How to analyze your Mocks?
  • Pick a mock test.
  • Less is more. You may also set an alarm clock. The alarm clock should be set to 2 hours for those who are studying for a graduate course.
  • To begin, begin answering the questions. Keep in mind that you are identifying your strong and weak areas.
  • To prepare for the upcoming exam, attempt to come up with a strategy. For five simulated tests, repeat the process. From the 6th mock exam onwards, you'll be able to work out the best approach for yourself.
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