How to prepare for CLAT

In the past few years, the service sector has seen an increased prominence for the legal experts. With the present boom in the demand for the new age lawyer, more and more students are taking an interest in the legal arena. Life of a lawyer these days is no more about attending mundane court proceedings. Much to the relief of law aspirants, the legal industry has extended its wings to cover different areas giving a buffet of options to choose from. Corporate Lawyers, Paralegals, In-house Counsels, Arbitrators, Mediators, Pro-bono lawyers, Judiciary, teaching are just a few of the many options you have!
So, now you get to choose your calling! But how do you enter the legal field?
With the ever-growing demand of the law as a career option, how do you stand out and get the best bet available?
The answer is simple! Starting your law career from a national law university is imperative and CLAT being the only ticket for entering the most sought after law schools in India, cracking this exam is the only aim you should have right now.
Ever since its onset in 2008 CLAT has maintained one element, that is - UNPREDICTABILITY! Just when you’ ll think that you are all set to conquer CLAT and attain your final feat- YOUR DREAM LAW SCHOOL, it will stump you.
So, how can we make CLAT as easy as possible for you?
Luckily for you, this article sets out expert tips from skillful and experienced faculties to help make CLAT a cake walk for you.
CLAT will test your aptitude for law through 5 sections- General Knowledge, Legal Reasoning, English, Logical Reasoning, and Math. It’s important for you to identify your strong and weak subjects, in the very beginning. Your strategy should be shaped around building up the weak subjects and polishing the strong ones. Basically, you need to devise a method which suits you the best, instead of having somebody else do it for you. Since nobody knows you better than you!
Law Crash Course
You should customize a CLAT strategy for yourself, a method which will be in harmony with your present knowledge, grasping abilities, routine and pace .We have jotted down a few things you MUST keep in mind while strategizing. Let’s take up each section one by one so that you can come up with the most effective CLAT preparation plan on your own.
CLAT Strategy: English
This section will test your vocabulary, comprehending proficiency and grammar. Like Rome, your vocabulary also can’t be built in day. It is established day by day, word by word with continuous efforts, hard work and by preparing a word list. Developing a habit of regularly reading a newspaper will prove to be a blessing. Also, going through articles based on diverse fields will be a ‘cherry-on-the-cake” situation as you never know what topic the exam-setter may choose for ‘Comprehension Reading’ part. This will go a long way in improving your scores in the General Knowledge section too.
Learn the art of breaking up a sentence in order to understand its meaning more clearly.
CLAT Preparation: General Knowledge & Current Affairs
This section will give your performance in CLAT a clear edge of 50 marks. The good or bad thing about general knowledge is that - you either have it or don’t. At best, you’ ll make a shaky guess. Guesswork will do you more harm than good when it comes to CLAT. So, you CANNOT avoid reading a newspaper regularly and maintain notes of the relevant information. You need to keep up with the latest events and happenings. You can also stick to a GK journal and take regular quizzes. Consistently making notes from newspapers will also help the students in getting a decent score in this part.
CLAT Tips: Mathematics
You don’t need to be a math whiz to ace this section. So, get rid of your hatred or phobia of math. All you need to do is brush up your basics. Identify the most relevant topics by going through the previous year papers and practice. Try to learn lots of short cut methods and tricks and focus on arithmetic maths as it governs the majority of the section.
CLAT Preparation: Logical Reasoning
You will be asked to identify patterns, understand logical links and correct illogical statements. The questions asked in this section are on syllogisms, logical sequences, analogies, etc. Practice and trick formulas will make this section a smooth sail for you. Both speed and practice are essential for questions under this section.
CLAT Preparation Strategy: Legal Aptitude
This is the only section of CLAT which is absolutely new for you. So, an experienced CLAT mentor and good guidance will help you in scoring well. This section will play a defining role in securing a seat at your dream law college. This section is the TIE-BREAKER. So if your score gets tied up with those of others, the legal aptitude section’s score will define who goes forward.
You should have a decent knowledge of important constitutional articles, landmark/recent judgments, and new laws/ amendments. Your legal aptitude will be tested in the principle-fact questions. Practice as many mocks and previous year papers as you can to brush up your legal reasoning skills.
So, go ahead, devise your own preparation method and execute it. It will take time, but you will eventually know what works best for you. Just keep trying with all your might.The questions in this section are based more on testing your legal reasoning than your legal knowledge. Hence, you must sharpen your interpretational skills to apply the legal principles aptly.
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