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Getting admission to any of the IIT is a dream come true for the science students as aspiring engineers target IIT to have a great start of their career. IIT is known to be one of the most prominent institutes in our country for science and engineering aspirants. Gradually, the institute took aboard management and humanities courses too. Non-science students who always thought that they do not have a chance to get into IITs can now acquire a seat there. Well, the customary image of an IIT has broken, and IIT is offering courses in the field of humanities and social sciences also.
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The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at IIT Bombay proposed a new undergraduate programme with the terminology of  Bachelor of Science  in  Economics. The department introduced the course with a vision to create a unique batch of students who will be able to balance science and technology, economics, enterprise and social objectives. The motive is to develop professionals with both inter and multi-disciplinary skills for efficient decision making and applied economic analysis.
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This programme has been designed taking references from the economic programmes running at IIT Kanpur and IIT Kharagpur.
Why BS Economics?
Bachelors of Science in Economics (BS Economics) is a programme that aims at developing the student into an analyst and a professional decision maker. The students taking up this course will surely succeed in an ethically stronger society by maintaining the balance between ethics, economics and enterprise. Moreover, here are a few benefits of studying B.Sc Economics:-
  • The new programme introduced at IIT Bombay by the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, BS Economics is a 4-year undergraduate programme that aims at bringing into being trained professionals with both inter and multi-disciplinary skills for Applied Economic Analysis.
  • It teaches students to become competent analysts in the areas of public policy & business and development administration.
  • The scope afterwards is very wide as banks, big industrial houses, government and semi-government organizations and agencies have a high demand for the graduates with this kind of expertise.
  • The curriculum is wide as the students are offered to study mathematics, economics, statistics, social sciences, and science subjects. Along with these, they are exposed to computer science for a better understanding of the advanced technologies and requirements.
  • Studying wide range of subjects will help them in finding exceptional placements in private and public firms.
  • However, the department encourages the students to do internship during the summer months after 4th and 6th semester in industry or research organizations.
The shift to the larger school of Humanities and Social sciences, BS Economics has proved to be the upcoming change in the field education. It is because the 4-year course not just focuses at economics but at science, mathematics and statistics, social sciences, computer science and economics. Therefore, somebody who graduates with this degree is a trained professional in different fields.
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Admission Criterion
The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences introduced BS Economics in 2017 and to get admission in this sought after course is quite an uphill task. The undergraduate course has just 20 seats, therefore the competition is intense and students who have prepared well will only be able to secure a seat. The students who want to pursue BS Economics must write IIT-JEE and get a high rank to acquire a seat. Since it is a new programme, therefore not many students are aware of this enriching academic programme.
Syllabus of Bachelor of Science- Economics
The curriculum is extensive and not just confined to economics. The programme designed is in such a manner that it develops various skills in a student. The department proposed that students opting for BS Economics from IIT Bombay have to study subjects similar to other courses in their first year.
  • In the first year, students have to study subjects like Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Biology, Mathematics and economics.
  • In the 1st semester, students will have common subjects as in all other courses, and in the 2nd semester, economics will replace chemistry. 
  • Having a similar syllabus to other courses, the students will have a choice to change their branch of study by the end of 1st semester.
  • From 3rd semester onwards, students will be introduced to core economic subjects like Micro and Macro Economics, Mathematical Economics, and Introduction to Sociology etc.
  • In the 4th & 8th Semester, students are asked to choose from the list of elective courses. The motive behind choosing elective courses is to make students understand the importance of subjects like Professional Ethics, Civil Society, Managerial Economics, and Justice, Ethics, and Community.
  • The students are even encouraged to opt for a minor from Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Sciences and Humanities to focus on building decision-making and analytic skills.
Besides, students spending more than one year can obtain a dual degree in Economics (BS & MS in Economics). The course will open doors to umpteen opportunities in various fields. As after completing your graduation in BS Economics, you are a trained professional with all inter and multi-disciplinary skills. 
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