AILET Sample Papers

The All India Law Entrance Test (AILET) is an esteemed exam conducted by the National Law University (NLU) Delhi. It is the gateway to the highly sought-after 5-year B.A LL.B integrated program. This pen and paper-based (offline) exam consist of 150 questions covering English Language, General Knowledge and Current Affairs, and Logical Reasoning. Prepare for your success in the AILET and secure admission into NLU Delhi's renowned program. Get ready to excel in the AILET and join NLU Delhi's prestigious program.
AILET is renowned for its rigorous assessment of candidates' aptitude for legal reasoning, comprehension skills, general knowledge, and logical abilities. It offers an opportunity to aspiring law students from across the nation to pursue their studies in one of India's premier law universities.
The exam is structured into sections including English, General Knowledge, Legal Aptitude, Reasoning, and Elementary Mathematics. Each section is designed to test different facets of an aspirant's abilities. The English section tests language proficiency and grammar, General Knowledge and Current Affairs gauge the awareness of the candidate about the world around them, Legal Aptitude assesses the candidate's interest towards the study of law, Logical Reasoning measures the ability to identify patterns, order and direction, and Elementary Mathematics checks the numerical ability.
Clearing the AILET is no small feat. It requires consistent effort, thorough preparation, and unwavering determination. However, the reward is admission into one of the country's top law schools and the opportunity to learn from some of the best legal minds in the country.
In essence, AILET is more than just an entrance test. It's a rigorous journey that shapes the future of aspiring legal professionals, equipping them with a strong foundation in law, enhancing their critical thinking skills, and preparing them for a dynamic and rewarding career in the legal field.
AILET challenges not only your intellect but also your perseverance and determination, making it a highly competitive exam. Preparing for AILET paves the way for a promising career in law, equipping students with a robust understanding of the legal framework and fostering critical thinking skills.
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Preparing for the AILET exam? Here's a tip: each correct answer gets you 1 mark, but beware, 0.25 marks get deducted for every wrong answer. AILET is a speed-intensive exam, so practising multiple sample papers is key. It helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses, ultimately improving your score. Get ready to ace the AILET!
AILET Sample Papers
AILET Sample Papers Download AILET Sample Papers
AILET Sample Paper 1


AILET Sample Paper 2


AILET Sample Paper 3


AILET Sample Paper 4


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Tips to Practice AILET Sample Papers
Maximize your AILET preparation with our meticulously curated sample papers. These practice tests closely mirror the actual AILET in terms of question type and difficulty level. To get the most out of these resources, keep the following pointers in mind while practising the sample papers:
  • Since this is a paper-based test, it is easier to get the general feel of the paper and pick an order in which you want to attempt the paper.
  • Keep a check on time and invest your time judiciously in each section. For instance, General Awareness and English section should take up the least time.
  • Attempt easy questions first. This can give you an extra shot of confidence and save you from getting stuck on tricky questions. You can always come back to the tougher questions later.
  • Keep up the speed while solving questions without compromising on your accuracy. Take a calculated risk and avoid random guessing.
  • Don’t tussle by wasting time on questions that you are unable to crack through. You may return to such questions later if time permits.
Maximizing your AILET preparation requires dedication, determination and the right resources. Apart from AILET sample papers, you must also keep up with the latest current affairs to ensure success in the General Awareness section of the test. Make sure that you stay updated with all news related to national and international events, as well as current affairs related to politics, business and sports.
Additionally, to ensure that your English section scores are up to the mark, incorporate a variety of resources like reading books, magazines or newspapers in formal English. This can help you gain an understanding of sentence structure and the usage of different words in various contexts. Furthermore, regularly attempting online sample tests can give you a better idea about how well you are prepared and what more can be done to improve your performance.
Finally, it is important to follow a regular study schedule so that you remain focused and practice for the test with dedication. With the right resources and strategies in place, you can ace the AILET exam with flying colours!​
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