IPM - Five Year Integrated Program in Management (Indore)

In the year 2011, the Indian Institute of Management (Indore) took a unique initiative by introducing a Five Year Integrated Program in Management. This program was specially designed keeping in mind the requirements of the corporate world. The program inducts students after they have passed class 12th or higher secondary education from India.
The Five Year Integrated Program in Management aims to provide a holistic education which will enable the students to develop their managerial skills and in the process mould them in leadership roles.
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IPM Selection Process:-
The IPM selection process comprises three steps:-
Firstly, students have to fill an application form giving the relevant details of their academic background, co-curricular activities etc.
Secondly, students have to clear the entrance exam which assesses the student’s aptitude on various parameters like logical reasoning, English and Mathematics.
Third and the final stage is that the shortlisted candidates have to appear for the personal interview. The candidate is evaluated based on specific parameters like general awareness, communication skills, persuasion skills and knowledge.
IPM Course Structure:-
The Five Year integrated Program is split into two programs with three years of an undergraduate program and two years of postgraduate program. The first three years of the program aims to build a strong foundation and the next two years focuses on providing quality management education.
The students have to study a comprehensive course with a total of 15 terms, and in each year there are three terms with duration of 3 months. 
IPM Course Curriculum:-
The undergraduate program is designed in such a way that it encompasses various subjects such as Economics, Mathematics and Statistics so that students develop an analytical bent of mind. On the other hand subjects like Political Science, Sociology and Psychology are taught to enhance one’s understanding in the field of management. The students are made to study a wide array of subjects so that it broadens their horizon and gives them a wider perspective.
It is mandatory that the IPM students undergo a social internship program after the completion of 3 years and another internship program after the end of the 4th year. This interface with the industry builds their personality in innumerable ways and most importantly helps in developing a problem-solving mindset.
A Unique Feature of the IPM course:-
A point to be noted here is that the IPM students in the last two years of their course go through the same curriculum that is designed for the Post Graduate program. Therefore, it is a win-win situation for IPM students as the learning goals are the same for them as well as the Post Graduate Program students.
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