IPMAT Verbal Section | IPM Verbal Section

Now that the board exams are behind you, it is time we start gearing up for the national-level competitive exams. One of the most important exams in this cycle is for IIM Indore’s 5 year Integrated Program in Management (IPM). Given the unique challenges posed by the exam and increasing competition, it is important that you develop a customized IPM strategy.
Basics of IPM aptitude test Verbal Ability Section:
Before we delve into the IPM strategy for this section, let us have a quick look at the important topics from this section and the basic outline. The IPM Verbal Ability section consists of 40 questions, each carrying 4 marks. 45 minutes of sectional time is given for attempting the whole section. Some of the popular and frequently asked topics in this section are:
  • Vocabulary (including Synonyms & Antonyms)
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Grammar
  • Sentence Rearrangement
  • Sentence Correction
  • Sentence Completion
  • Correct Usage of words and phrases
  • Verbal Analogies
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IPM aptitude test Verbal Ability Question Type and Examples:
To understand this section better, let us look at a few questions based on previous years’ IPM exam:
Q1. The sentences given below, when properly sequenced, form a coherent paragraph. Each sentence is labeled with a number. Choose the most logical order of the sentences from the choices given:
1. She monitors the pygmy nuthatches that nest in her backyard, and shares bird count data to help track the health of bird populations in North America.
2.  It’s time we took time to do our bit to celebrate all that nature provides.
3. The food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe- it all comes from nature
4. We need more people like Christine Haines, a nature photographer and a member of The Nature Conservancy, who do their bit to help protect the environment.
a) 4123 b) 3241 c) 4231 d) 3421
Solution: 4 introduces the idea of protecting the environment, which is discussed in the other lines. Hence, it the best choice to begin our paragraph. 4 is followed by 1, which makes a noun-pronoun mandatory pair as “Christine” is referred to as “she” in 1. 2 & 3 are mandatory pairs as they are talking about the same idea. Also, both the statements talk about “we”. Hence, the correct order is 4123.
Q2. In the given sentence, a part or the entire sentence is underlined. Choose the alternative from the four options, so that the given sentence is correct.
It is no doubt that the rich have a great advantage
a) It is no doubt that the rich have a great advantage
b) It has no doubt that the rich have a great advantage
c) There is no doubt that the rich have a great advantage
d) There has no doubt that the rich have a great advantage
Solution: “It is no doubt that……” is not a possible combination of words because
we use an adjective or noun phrase after “it is.” E.g. It is indisputable that ... or It is an undoubted fact that ...This rules out option a and b. d has incorrect usage of has. Hence, the correct choice here is option c.
Q3. The sentences below have words that are missing. Choose the best option from those below to complete the sentence.
16. Governments frame laws and regulations to steer business________________in what they ____________________to be beneficial directions.
a) Ethics; believe
b) Meetings; agree
c) Behaviour; perceive
d) People; consider
Solution: The sentence refers that the Government directs something (the 1st blank) about the business in a way that seems beneficial. Meetings, Behaviour or People do not relate to the business “laws and regulations” mentioned here. Hence, the best possible choice here is option a. Additionally, “believe” completes the sense that the sentence is trying to convey.
Important Tips for IPM Verbal Section:
  • Speed vs Accuracy: It is essential that you focus on getting the questions right within the stipulated time. The level of questions is a mixed bag and ranges mostly from easy to moderate with a few difficult questions. Don’t tussle and waste time on questions that you are unable to crack in one go, move on to the next question. You can always come back to them if time permits.
  • Don’t guess but take calculated risk: You have less than a minute for every question and 25% negative marking. Hence, it is essential to attempt questions with maximum accuracy.
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  • Sectional Time: IIM Indore has introduced the sectional time limit for the 2017 IPM aptitude test. 75 minutes for 60 questions of Quantitative Ability and 45 minutes for 40 questions of Verbal Ability. Keep up the reading speed and don’t spend more than 1 minute on a question.
  • Different Question Types: Previous years’ IPM aptitude test has seen a variety of questions ranging from Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Sentence completion and so on. The focus each year has been on grammar and questions on basic grammatical concepts. So, make sure that you have concept clarity with ample practice of every question type.
  • Mock Tests & Sample Papers: We cannot emphasize on how essential it is to practice sample papers and mock tests. Knowing a certain concept is one thing but applying it with time restriction is another ball game. Mock tests simulate real time test taking conditions which will help you prepare effectively for the final day of the examination.
We hope these tips and strategies help you ace the IPM aptitude test and maximize your score in the verbal section. Good Luck!
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