IPM Exam Previous Years' Cut-offs

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Integrated Program in Management (IPM) is one of the most prestigious and sought after dual degree program in the country. Conducted by the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Indore for about 120 seats, this program offers a 5 year integrated program. The 2 hour online entrance exam consists of 100 questions from Quantitative Ability (60) and Verbal Ability (40).
The selection process consists of 2 phases: the aptitude test and WAT-PI. The exam is very competitive as over 17,000 students sit for the aptitude test. Only on qualifying the aptitude test, you get shortlisted for the WAT-PI (Written Ability Test & Personal Interview) round. The following list will give you a comprehensive view of the past years’ cut-off:
gdpi mba interview
CategoryMinimum ATSMaximum ATS
**The cutoff marks are composite scores and not the scores out of 400. The formula to calculate the composite score as given by IIM Indore is as follows:

“{(Candidate’s score– Lowest score)/ (Highest score– Lowest score)}*100” with the following table

Table for ATS composition
Score in Quantitative Ability
(MCQ) Section
30* (Candidate's Score - Minimum Score)
(Maximum Score - Minimum Score)
Score in Quantitative Ability
(SA) Section
35* (Candidate's Score - Minimum Score)
(Maximum Score - Minimum Score)
Score in Verbal Ability
(MCQ) Section
35* (Candidate's Score - Minimum Score)
(Maximum Score - Minimum Score)
Aptitude Test Score(ATS)Sum of the above scores
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IIM Indore also mandates sectional cut-off apart from the overall cut-off. Hence, it is important to do equally well in both the sections to maximize your scores. Additionally, the introduction of sectional time for IPM 2017 aptitude test calls for test takers to devote extra attention to maintain speed and accuracy.
The overall as well as the sectional cut-offs have progressively increased over the years’ and so has the number of test takers. To ace the exam with flying colors it is important to get your basics strong and practice ample number of mock tests.
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