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Studying in Delhi University is considered honorable for the students as there are limited students who make it to the premier university of the nation. For the admission to the various colleges in Delhi, the Delhi University conducts the DU-JAT for the intake of students who want to pursue their studies in business management. Business is amongst an in-demand course and many companies look forward to hire fresh graduates to work in the corporate sector. The business graduates of top colleges of Delhi University are among the foremost picks by the top MNC’s.
If we measure the facts and numbers of the DU-JAT, there are more than 60K students appearing in the DU-JAT exam while the total intake of students is only 2k. Now you can assimilate the competition and the fight to get in the colleges of DU.
DU-JAT Coaching
DU-JAT coaching is a among the most followed method for clearing the DU-JAT exam for getting in the Delhi University colleges giving the BBA degree. For the competition of a level this high, Hitbullseye is a renowned name for preparing students aspiring to get in the DU colleges for the BBA programme. The success rate of students going for the coaching is higher than those who do not opt for the DU-JAT coaching. So the learning and gaining knowledge is higher when you choose Hitbullseye for DU-JAT preparation.
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Why take Hitbullseye DU-JAT Online Coaching?
The online learning has taken the world in a storm and since the reach of internet is high when compared to classroom teaching, online teaching is gaining popularity among the students. Seeing the same scenario, Hitbullseye have prepared the DU-JAT online coaching programme for the aspirants seeking admission in BBA at Delhi University. DU-JAT online coaching aspirants are accepting the new and modern method of online learning since it is readily accessible and convenient to use.
Save both, time and energy- When aspirants choose the DU-JAT online coaching for the preparation of DU-JAT, they save energy, expenses and most of all, the time which they can capitalize for preparing for the DU-JAT from the DU-JAT online coaching programme.
Learn when you are free- With the access to DU-JAT online coaching programme you have the liberty to study and prepare from it at the time when you like. Everybody have their own time to study, some are night owls while some are early birds. Since internet is available at all hours, one can prepare for the DU-JAT BBA whenever they are free.  
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Spend less and learn more- Our DU-JAT online coaching programme is inexpensive when compared to the conventional coaching. You will not have to pay the extra thousands that you pay as fees, when you take the DU-JAT online coaching. It’s not only economic but the video lectures, mocks and e-books that you get with DU-JAT online coaching prepare you the best for DU-JAT BBA exam.
Learn from everybody- When you are preparing from DU-JAT online coaching for the DU-JAT BBA entrance exam, you are enrolled to the telegram group where you can ask your queries. It may be answered by the faculty member heading the group or even by our peers who know the correct explanation of the questions.
Notable features of the Hitbullseye DU-JAT online coaching
Hitbullseye DU-JAT coaching serves the purpose of even those who cannot reach for the DU-JAT coaching. Since internet has its reach even where the conventional classes cannot, students are going for the online coaching because of the benefits they get such as interaction with the faculty member during the live lecture.
  • Students study as per their need; some want a complete preparation, while some are looking for topics and sectional preparation. Therefore Hitbullseye have their DU-JAT online coaching prepared which suits and fits the students as per their requirement.
  • Along with the live lectures that you are attending you also get to clear your doubts during those lectures in the students pop-up window which is active at the side panel. When the faculty concerned sees the question he/she will answer the same, thus clearing your doubt. You are notified about the live lectures and doubt sessions well before they begin.
  • You are getting the recorded videos, mock tests and e-books that prepare you for the DU-JAT BBA entrance. The mock tests are a complete check of your DU-JAT preparation. They tell you your national rank along with the analysis of your performance. This way you know how hard and how much you have to prepare for the DU-JAT exam after the analysis of your mocks that you get from the DU-JAT online coaching.
  • In the formed telegram groups students can clear their doubts and get solutions for the questions that they have during the preparation of DU-JAT. Since the group is active always, you may get your answers from the students or from the expert faculty.
FAQ’s for DU-JAT online coaching
When an aspirant is preparing from the DU-JAT online coaching, they may have some common questions and queries such as:-
How will I be prepared for the DU-JAT BBA entrance from the DU-JAT online coaching?
The DU-JAT online coaching programme methods are advanced than that your regular classes. You can learn from the live and recorded lectures, e-books, and mock tests which will be prepare you thoroughly for the DU-JAT BBA entrance.
What are DU-JAT live lectures?
DU-JAT live lectures are real time classroom lectures which are delivered by the expert faculty. You get the similar classroom teaching atmosphere via online mode. You are free to pop questions to the teacher who is taking the class which are solved in the student panel otherwise they are solved later in the DU-JAT telegram group.
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What should I do on missing the DU-JAT live lecture?
On missing the DU-JAT live lecture, you have the choice to access it later as it will be shown in the students’ course page after two days of getting recorded. But in the recorded e-lectures you will not be able to ask questions akin to live lectures.
If I purchase more than one course of DU-JAT online coaching, can I access both from one account?
When you purchase one programme of DU-JAT online coaching, at the same time you can get the other one and access it using the same credentials that you were given with the welcome email. But the payment for both programmes have to be made separately which you can do using online mode.
Is there security concern in buying DU-JAT online coaching?
It is absolutely secured. We never store your any sensitive information such as your CVV and OTP’s. The payments gateways are among the reliable ones which are GooglePay, PayTM and PayU.
Is there any specific technical requirement for accessing the online course?
All you need is an e-device such as a laptop or a desktop, mobile or tablet with decent internet connection for accessing the DU-JAT online coaching.
Can a mobile be used to access the DU-JAT online course?
Mobile can be to access the DU-JAT online course by entering the exact credentials that you received in the welcome mail for accessing the course that you have taken.
Can I clear DU-JAT by taking DU-JAT online coaching?
Our DU-JAT online coaching is totally equipped with all the teaching material and it covers the entire DU-JAT BBA syllabus.  It is complete and thorough preparation programme for the students and students get their assessments through mocks, assignments and faculty interactions. So you can definitely clear DU-JAT by taking DU-JAT online coaching.
How different is DU-JAT classroom from DU-JAT online coaching?
They are different as the DU-JAT online coaching is quite advanced. With DU-JAT online coaching you have all-time availability of faculty and experts to solve your questions and doubts. When you decide to take DU-JAT online classes the chances of getting the scholarships are also high. Therefore DU-JAT online coaching is apt for the DU-JAT BBA entrance.
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