Why Symbiosis Law Admission Test?

Appearing for law entrance exams next year? Too much pressure to handle? Don’t know whether to stick to CLAT and AILET only or you should appear for other law exams as well? Too confused in life?
Well, your friend, the one and only, Big Bull is here to your rescue!
Big Bull went to a trip to Pune, Nagpur, Hyderabad and Noida to chunk out some vital information for you guys! (Thank me later!) And so, we’ll use this article to check how Symbiosis is a bright option for you.
Symbiosis Law School or as it is lovingly called, ‘Symbi‘, offers you a 5-year integrated course in law in 4 centres: Pune, Nagpur, Hyderabad and Noida and I won’t be wrong if I say that the college life here isn’t like the ordinary college life that you've always seen around or imagined! It is way more than that, my friends! So, I have made an exhaustive list for you and in the end you’ll know for yourself why you should appear for SLAT!
Symbiosis Law School has career opportunities, academics, dance, drama, food, fun and oh, the independence! It can be as dreamy as it sounds here! So, let’s dive into the world of a Symbiosis student:
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  1. Academics: Academics here are pretty much balanced and neither too lenient nor too hectic. Hence, students don’t get burdened under the weight of never-ending academics.  Also, the top faculty is great and worth your time. You get a taste of experiencing eye-opening discussions that are held by various eminent jurists. The Law School has different centers of legal research which are a great learning resource for students. If you choose to stay on the right track, you’ll find yourself conquering the zenith at the end of those 5 precious years.
  2. Placements: Placement Opportunities are the deciding factor for a successful career. Fortunately, at SLS, there is no dearth of opportunities. The Institution is committed to ensure students gets the best of opportunities, best of learning and the best slice of life!  For a better idea, you can check the following link: https://www.symlaw.ac.in/recruitment!
  3. Sports: Thank god for the balanced curriculum, you’ll get sufficient time to indulge in different sports and see what interests you the most! After all, all work and no play has always made Jack a dull boy. And Big Bull won’t let his friends get dull in life! *wink-wink*
  4. Opportunities: Mooting, Conferences, Seminars, Courses, Internships- name it and you’ll find it in Symbiosis Law School. These opportunities are the ones which will make you, shape you and turn you into the leaders of tomorrow! Learn to admire the awesomeness of participating in everything which will open up new opportunities and make you realize your dream!
  5. Cultural Events:Any singer/dancer/artistic friend reading this? Bingo, for you guys! Because Symbiosis will give you many chances to show-case the Michael Jackson/Picasso in you! Symbiosis is not just about studies. It’s about making you learn how to balance out everything in life without leaving out your personal interests.
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  7. Seniors: Well, a walk around the campus and you know the seniors are not so strict as they are portrayed. They are friendly, helping and comforting and resourceful (We all know what I am talking about here!)
  8. Anti-Ragging environment: Scared about all the ragging stories you’ve heard? Anxious to enter college life? This is the place to be, my friends. With a strict anti-ragging policy in place and chilled-out seniors, no one will be after your life here!
  9. Batch-mates:  Friends-foes-acquaintances- Given the huge batch-you’ll meet all sorts of people here. But in the end-it’s about your choice. It’s on you as to who becomes your friend. Your choice will either make you into something or nothing at all. So, watch out when you start making friends there. But one thing which is there is that you’ll find the smartest crowd there! A place where the competition is more and the time is always less.
  10. Independent Life (Added bonus!!): There is no better way of learning about life in an independent manner where your mistakes make up as your guide. College life will make you learn how to live by yourself, how to care for yourself and manage everything-right from studies to friends, finances to savings.
The experience of being a Symbiosis student will teach you not only how to become an ace lawyer but also help you in building a new perspective about life. In the end, I’ll just say it’s never about the college, it’s always about you!
So, all the best, friends!!Big Bull is with you, ready to help whenever you feel life is getting too heavy!
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