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The SLAT 2024 notifications are out. The exam is set to be conducted on 5 May, 2024 & 11 May 2024. The last date to register is 12 April 2024.
Among the private law colleges in India, SLS (Symbiosis Law School) holds a high seat. At times, the Symbiosis law colleges have been ranked as the best or even better than many NLU’s. The exam is followed by a written ability test (WAT). The 4 campuses of Symbiosis Law Schools are Pune, Hyderabad, Nagpur and Noida. The competition among the candidates is high as the seats are quite a few for the BA LLB and BBA LLB in these law schools. Students who complete their education from Symbiosis Law School can aim to be hired as  corporate lawyers, tax consultants in multinational companies, and even as famous legal practitioners.
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SLAT Coaching
The Symbiosis Law Schools hold a high prestige value in the society and making it to the Symbiosis Law Schools is a matter of pride for the students. Considering fewer seats and a high number of aspirants appearing for the SLAT, one must follow a perfect strategy for preparing and qualifying SLAT. By opting for the SLAT coaching, you are deciding your further education and a career in law. The mentors during your SLAT coaching will not only prepare you for entrance in the prestigious law schools of Symbiosis but also guide you for attempting the various sections of the SLAT.
Why take the SLAT online coaching?
The modern, well-considered, and highly advanced way of preparing for the SLAT entrance is by taking the SLAT online coaching programme. Students rely a lot on the internet for studies, and the internet has catered for this need of the students adequately. The greatest benefit students have from the SLAT online coaching is that they get the entire SLAT syllabus in a single package and they do not have to buy many books for the SLAT preparation. Along with the live lectures and videos, mock tests and e-books SLAT aspirants also get to attend the doubt sessions in the online SLAT coaching. Below mentioned are the advantages of taking the SLAT online coaching.
Clarification of doubts online- When the SLAT aspirants prepare from the online SLAT coaching and they have to clear their doubts, they can ask it in the telegram group in which they are enrolled to. The answers to your questions are given by your study mates in the group or by the faculty expert.
Prepare at any time for the SLAT- When the exam days are near, you may want to elevate your preparation level, and you even want to study overnight. It is SLAT online coaching that is perfect for such aspirants as the SLAT online preparation is not limited to the boundaries of the classroom. With the internet on the go, you have 24*7 access to SLAT online coaching module.
Utilization of every moment for the SLAT preparation- Your study time gets maximized as you will no more have to travel to the conventional coaching centre if you take the SLAT online coaching. The SLAT entrance syllabus such as legal reasoning, English, basic mathematics, logical reasoning, and general knowledge, all are covered in the SLAT online coaching. So feel free to prepare for SLAT whenever you can draw the time.
Complete preparation at the minimum expenses- SLAT coaching is not at all expensive like the conventional coaching. When you go for the online SLAT coaching you go for the most advanced form of learning at the least cost. When the fee of both the type of coaching is compared the online SLAT coaching will cost less than half of conventional coaching.
Prominent features of SLAT online coaching
From being an advanced and technology-driven model of learning, the SLAT online coaching allows you to prepare, at the time when you want. Internet is available most of the time. Advanced learning with the online presence of faculty members lends high support and boosts the confidence of the students preparing for SLAT online coaching.
  • Students can prepare from the entire SLAT coaching or study the topics which they want. This choice is given to the students of SLAT online coaching that they can either go for the full course or just study the topic they want.
  • All the topics that constitute the SLAT question papers are covered in the Hitbullseye online law coaching programme. Live lectures, e-books, mocks, and doubt sessions, completing the whole SLAT pedagogy are encapsulated in the SLAT online coaching.  
  • In the telegram group so formed, students with the faculty members are enrolled and are available online, telegram serves as a platform for solving the doubts and questions of the students.
  • The SLAT aspirants are well informed before attending the live lectures, this way students can come prepared and even ask their doubts and questions during the live sessions.
Commonly asked questions for SLAT online coaching
The SLAT aspirants preparing for the Symbiosis entrance may have some questions which are as follows:-
Q1. What are the live lectures of SLAT online coaching?
Ans.In a SLAT live lecture expert faculty teach the topics of the SLAT syllabus which students attend in real-time. The students have to utilize the login credentials that they were provided when they purchased the SLAT coaching module. They can pop questions during the live lecture related to the SLAT preparation from the faculty member using the panel window on their systems.
Q2. If I miss a live lecture what can I do for covering the topic that has been taught?
Ans.Missing a live lecture does not mean missing the learning portion of the SLAT topics. After two days it is uploaded which you can access from your profile since it can be seen on the course page that you have for the SLAT coaching. When you have watched the video of the live lecture that you missed you can now ask the questions in the telegram group as this feature is missing in the recorded lectures.  
Q3. How can I be prepare for the SLAT from the SLAT online coaching programme?
Ans.Your learning and preparation for the SLAT will be from the live lectures; you get to practice mock tests, read deeply from the e-books, and get to learn whenever you want from the recorded lecture. AI-based analysis of the SLAT mocks will be given in the form of your national rank against all the online SLAT mock test takers. The scores of SLAT mocks reveal how much more hard work you need for various sections of the law entrances.
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Q4. Is the payment I made for SLAT online coaching safe?
Ans.Your secret bank data is never stored and we don’t keep any secret information such as CVV’s and OTPs’. The payment gateways that we use are most trusted ones which are GooglePay, PayTM, and PayU.    
Q5. Can I access more than one programme from the SLAT online coaching?
Ans.The id that you have for the SLAT online coaching, you can very much use the same to access the other SLAT programmes. However, the payment has to be separate for more than a programme that you buy.
Q6. What are the technical requirements for accessing the SLAT online coaching?
Ans.You require a laptop/computer, a mobile, or even a tablet having a high-speed internet connection and your login details for accessing the SLAT coaching.
Q7. Can a device such as mobile be used for accessing the SLAT law coaching?
Ans.Surely you can use the mobile phones for accessing the online law coaching provided you have the login details. You are given the login credentials when you have purchased the SLAT online coaching.
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Q8. Can I clear SLAT entrance by taking the online SLAT coaching?
Ans.The Hitbullseye SLAT online coaching covers the syllabus of the SLAT entrance. It is a thorough coaching programme that covers the syllabus topics for SLAT such as legal aptitude, Maths, English, and reasoning. You get sufficient practice of SLAT mocks and an AI-based analysis of your mock scores tells you how prepared you are for the SLAT.
Q9. How is SLAT online coaching different from the classroom coaching?
Ans. The SLAT online law coaching is quite advanced. In the SLAT online coaching programme, experts are available on the formed telegram group who help the students by solving their LSAT questions anytime. For the live problems of the students, a special doubt session is conducted and in the live lectures pop-up window serves as a medium for solving the problems. The teaching and learning in SLAT live lectures are interesting and interactive. The mock tests assignments and practice papers completely prepare students for clearing the SLAT.
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