Download Previous Years' SET Law Papers

Advantages of solving Previous Years' papers:
Solving previous years' SET Law papers will give you certain distinct advantages like getting a clear idea of the type and level of difficulty of the questions asked. Let us have a look at how solving previous years paper can help you ace SET Law
SET Law exam contains 150 questions to be solved in a time span of 150 minutes. Hence, it is essentially a speed based offline test with equal distribution of marks to each section.
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  • Understand the Exam Pattern: SET Law exam contains questions from 5 sections, namely:
    1. Logical reasoning
    2. Legal reasoning
    3. Analytical reasoning
    4. Reading comprehension
    5. General knowledge
  • Weak & Strong area: Analysis: After solving these tests, you will get a fair idea about your strong and weak areas. Your score in SET Law can improve a lot, once you start strengthening your weak areas by putting in extra efforts on them.
  • Test taking strategy: These tests will help you in solving the SET Law exam effectively. As SET Law is a speed based test, time management in the exam is very important. You should not invest a lot of time in solving easy questions, as the time saved here can be invested in relatively difficult questions. Further, it is best to not risk your time in questions you are not too sure about. These previous year papers will help you identify such questions.
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Skills required to solve SET Law Previous Years' Papers:
There are certain skills, which are considered essential to solve SET law exam effectively.
  • First of all, you need to have concept clarity i.e. you need to know the basics or the fundamentals of all the areas from which questions are asked.
  • Next step is to practice as many questions as possible. For analytical reasoning and logical reasoning sections, practice is the key; hence, it cannot be ignored. Newspaper reading is a must in mastering general knowledge section of SET law. It also proves to be beneficial in solving questions from reading comprehension section of SET Law.
  • It is also essential to have good time management skills while solving the paper. It helps to maintain the question solving speed without compromising on the accuracy.
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How to use SET Law Previous years' papers?
The steps you should follow are:
  • Download previous year paper
  • Solve it in actual time limit: 150 minutes
  • Analyze your performance
  • Identify your weak & strong areas
  • Work on your weak areas
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Download the following PDFs to maximize your SET- Law Score:
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