NMIMS NPAT Test Series 2024

The NPAT 2024 notifications have recently been released and the last date to register is 20 May 2024. The test window will be available from 1 January to 25 May 2024.
Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) takes National Test for Programs After Twelfth (NPAT) for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. It is a university-level examination conducted for various courses offered at the university.
Candidates must add NMIMS NPAT  Online mock test in their preparation to make the most of this opportunity without fail. The NMIMS NPAT test series covers the whole syllabus effectively, leaving no topic undiscussed. This makes it easier for the candidates to prepare for every topic easily and effectively.
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Benefits of taking the NMIMS NPAT Test Series
NMIMS NPAT Test Series is designed to help students prepare for the NMIMS NPAT exam. Following are some of the benefits of taking the test series:
Effective Revision strategies:
Fruitful revision of the topics will lead to more clarity and comprehension. This gives more confidence in the candidates and improves their overall performance. Recalling the syllabus is the most important part of your entire preparation. Hence it requires dedicated efforts.
Retention of concepts:
Longer remembrance of the concepts can be attained by taking the NMIMS NPAT test series. Any topic can be easily comprehended.
The test series provides students with ample practice material that can help them to identify their strengths and weaknesses. This can help them to improve their performance in the actual exam.
Time management:
The NMIMS NPAT exam is time-bound, and students need to manage their time effectively to complete the exam on time. The test series can help students to develop time management skills by providing them with timed practice tests.
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The test series provides students with detailed feedback on their performance, which can help them to identify areas where they need to improve.
By taking the test series, students can gain confidence in their abilities, which can help them to perform better in the actual exam.
Familiarity with exam pattern:
The NMIMS NPAT test series is designed based on the actual exam pattern, and taking the test series can help students become familiar with the exam pattern and format.
Better preparation:
The test series can help students to prepare better for the exam by providing them with comprehensive and structured study material, which covers all the topics and concepts that are relevant to the exam.
Why choose the NMIMS NPAT test series?
  • Makes learning easy, interactive, and effective
  • Covers the whole syllabus effectively
  • Based on the latest exam pattern
  • Analyse your performance in detail
  • Gives information about the weak sections and loopholes
NMIMS NPAT Syllabus 2024
Understanding the meaning of highlighted/ underlined words in a sentence
Error Recognition
Recognising grammatical usage and structure
Sequencing of Ideas
Solving jumbled sentences in a correct order
Reading comprehension
  • Identifying relationships
  • Locating information
  • Interpreting ideas
  • Characteristics of character
  • Interpreting ideas
  • Moods
  • Evaluating
  • Inferring
  • Tone of passage
  • Getting the central theme
Contextual Usage
Using the correct word in the given context
Applied Grammar
  • Tenses
  • Using preposition
  • Determiners
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NMIMS NPAT Exam Pattern 2024
No. of Questions
Time in Minutes
Weightage for Final Score
Quantitative & Numerical ability
Reasoning & General Intelligence
Proficiency in the English Language
Which test series is best for NPAT?
Hitbullseye's test series are considered best by the students for NPAT exam preparation.
How many mocks are sufficient for NPAT preparation?
Around 40- 50 mock tests would be required to be fully prepared for the examination.
Is solving NPAT 2024 mock test series important for scoring well?
There is no doubt that taking the NPAT practice test enhances your fundamental knowledge. Regularly solving an NPAT test series can help you apply concepts more effectively and increase your understanding of the material.
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How to Attempt the NPAT Mock Test?
Step 1. Click on the NPAT mock test link given below.
Step 2. Sign up using your name, email Id and mobile number and click on the "Start Test Now" option.
Step 3. Read all the instructions carefully and open the online NPAT mock test.
Step 4. Start solving the NPAT questions.
How can I improve my NPAT mock score?
In order to become acquainted with the format and question types, try to complete at least 2-3 exams per week. Your chances of passing the test increase as you complete more questions because you will become accustomed to the test's question-answer format. Try to give each question the smallest amount of time possible.
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