NPAT Previous Year Question Papers

The NPAT 2024 notifications have recently been released and the last date to register is 20 May 2024. The test window will be available from 1 January to 25 May 2024 .
The Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies is one of the top private varsities for the business management courses such as BBA, BSc. Finance, BSc. Economics, and B.Com.(Hons). To select the students to NMIMS ’s, the Narsee Monjee Mumbai conducts an annual entrance exam for management aspirants nationwide. Upon qualifying for the NPAT, aspirants get admission in the business management degree programmes. For qualifying for the NPAT, every student must solve and study NPAT previous year question papers. The prominent advantage of solving previous year question papers is that students can thoroughly revise their entire NPAT syllabus for its entrance exam.
NPAT Previous Year Papers: Important Points
  • It helps students in understanding the exam pattern, sectional marks distribution and question pattern.
  • Students know the syllabus and topic-wise division of questions in different sections.
  • Also, it helps students focus on the important topics that have been constantly repeated in the previous years.
  • It improves time-management and problem-solving skills.
Advantages of Solving NPAT Previous Year Question Papers
While preparing for any entrance, it is essential for every student to solve the previous year question papers. Even teachers and mentors emphasise solving actual NPAT papers of previous years, as it will help in better preparation and has numerous benefits.
Let us know the advantages of solving NPAT previous year papers –
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  1. Practice, Practice and Practice
  2. We all know the famous quote that says, "Practice makes a man perfect." Learning from the same, we understand that practice is essential. The more you practice the questions, the better you get at solving them. The same is the rule that we apply to solve previous year papers. It helps in understanding the topics, and when you practice them repeatedly, you excel in it. It also improves your performance.
  3. Revision
  4. Once you have completed your syllabus, the best practice to revise is to solve the previous year papers. It is one of the easiest ways to revise the syllabus. Whatever you have learned, if you do not practice it, you will not know how much you have learned and what topics you need to work on. Retention is vital, and previous year question papers will help you analyse your preparation. By solving them, you will, which areas need your attention and which ones are perfect.
  5. Self-Evaluation
  6. It is the best practice to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. When you solve question papers after completing a topic or a section, you know which formulas you need to revise and how to manage time. It also helps you in analysing whether you are clear with the concepts or not. However, the purpose is to let you know the exact level of your preparation. So you can work on the weaker areas and polish the stronger ones. Moreover, it motivates you to work harder and improve your performance to excel in your actual NPAT exam.
  7. Keep track of time
  8. When you cannot keep track of time while solving previous year NPAT papers, you might feel demotivated to miss some questions in the actual exam. Thus, it is important to keep track of time to solve the complete paper. Furthermore, solving test series will help you learn the value of time management. For instance, if the exam is timed for 2 hours, and you solve the exam in 2 hours 10 minutes in the first attempt, the chances of solving the exam in time increase for your next attempt. So keep practising.
  9. Know all the details of the exam
  10. When you solve previous papers, you will understand and be thorough with the exam pattern. Also, it will help you learn about the new exam trends. You will know how many questions have been asked, marks distribution and which topics have more importance. Moreover, syllabus division will be clear, and you can practice it accordingly.
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  11. Know your mistakes
  12. When you solve the NPAT previous year question papers, you minimize the chances of committing errors in the actual NPAT entrance. Therefore we recommend that you download and solve as many NPAT previous year question papers as you can. Your mistakes in the exam will be close to none when you solve the NPAT previous year question papers.
Now that you know all the reasons to solve previous year NPAT papers, we suggest you to try and solve at least 1 previous year paper weekly during your preparation. So, you do not just memorise your concepts but also bring them to practice to be through with them. However, solving NPAT previous year question papers is how to learn the tips and tricks to ace the NPAT exam.
Do login and register to the website to download the NMIMS NPAT previous year question papers. After downloading the papers, solve them with concentration and dedication. You can also take the NPAT mock tests to level up your preparation for the National Test for Programs After Twelfth  (NPAT) for Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies.
NPAT Previous Year Question Papers
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