Tips for CLAT Maths Section

The Common Law Admission Test, CLAT is a gateway to 17 prominent National Law Universities of the country. The online admission test consists of questions on: English including Comprehension, Logical Reasoning, General Knowledge and Current Affairs, Legal Aptitude and Mathematics. The maths section of CLAT will test candidate only on "elementary" mathematics i.e. basic maths taught till class 10th.
Why is Mathematics Section Important for CLAT?
CLAT consists of 20 questions from Mathematics section. Even though the weightage of this section is least in CLAT, aspirants must devote their CLAT preparation time to this section as well. The candidates banking their career on this exam cannot afford to ignore CLAT Mathematics section. The questions are elementary in nature and with little preparation they might be able to solve 15-18 questions easily with good accuracy. Hence, boosting your overall score.
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We have come up with some suggestions and tips for a concrete CLAT preparation strategy to help you score well in this section of CLAT:
1. Knowing Fundamental Operations well:
CLAT Math’s is of elementary nature and does not test candidates on difficult formulae or elaborate steps. If your fundamentals are clear, you can solve all the questions with ease.
Let us consider some questions from previous years' CLAT exams:
Q. Two consecutive even positive integers, sum of the squares of which is 1060 are:
1. 12 and 14       2. 20 and 22       3. 16 and 18       4. 22 and 24
Soln:     Going by options, we get the answer as 4th option as 222 + 242 = 1060
Q. 12 defective pens are accidentally mixed with 132 good ones. It is not possible to just look at a pen and tell whether or not it is defective. One pen is taken out at random from this lot. Determine the probability that the pen taken out is a good one.
1. 7/12                2. 9/12                                 3. 11/12                              4. 10/12
Soln:      The probability that the pen taken out is a good one = 132/144 = 11/12
2. Clear basics of all Topics:
You should be efficient as well as effective. It can happen only if you are thorough with all question types and the basics. As you can see in the above mentioned examples, these questions are of elementary nature and can be easily solved once your fundamentals are clear. The only thing required is to solve them in least possible time, for which practice is the key.
3. Speed & Accuracy:
Your focus should be on solving the questions with a good speed without compromising on the accuracy. As the weightage of this section is only 10%, you cannot afford to spend much time on this section. If your fundamentals are clear, you can solve questions in a limited time.
4. Practice, Practice & Practice:
Preparing for CLAT requires consistency, dedication, focus and good mentorship. Plan your preparation keeping in mind the time you have and your areas of strength & weakness. It is also essential that you take multiple CLAT Mock Tests and solve ample number of previous years CLAT Question Papers.
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