Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts

Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts offers a four year full-time Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Liberal arts and a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Liberal Arts. Students are awarded a B.A or a B.Sc. degree depending upon the subject chosen for Major specialization. To make the Liberal Arts course at par with other courses, SSLA has adapted well-established international ideology. Key features of the B.A. / B.Sc. (Liberal Arts) programme include academically enriching learning environment, innovative learning processes, transdisciplinary learning approach which broadens the horizons of students. Students have the flexibility of choosing subjects for major and minors from a wide array of courses. The programme also offers unique combinations like Biology and Economics that prepares students to venture into fields such as Pharmacare, Policymaking and Health sector.
Why pursue Liberal Arts from Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts?
Liberal Arts graduates will have the edge over others as they are equipped with strong analytical, communication and problem-solving skills to face the rigours of corporate life. The need of the hour is to be creative thinkers,adapt to new challenges and be proficient in handling diverse responsibilities. Most importantly ‘Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts’ offers a curriculum that takes into consideration key elements necessary to achieve success in any profession. Successful professionals have some intrinsic factors; namely, they are critical thinkers and good team-players. They are sensitive to cultural and demographic differences which raises their employability quotient.
Key features of Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts: -
  • Students have the opportunity to specialize in two or more diverse disciplines.
  • The faculty to student ration is 1:20, which makes the learning process more student-centric.
  • There are over 240 courses across 20 disciplines from which students can choose to pursue depending upon their area of interest.
  • The course curriculum includes workshops, study trips and conferences held at regular intervals.
  • The differentiating factor is that the Liberal Arts course is interspersed with international exposure, semester exchange programmes and summer trips. 
B.A./B.Sc. Liberal Arts – Programme Structure
Students are accorded a bachelor of Arts (Liberal Arts) Honours or a Bachelor of Science (Liberal Arts) Honours degree based on the subject chosen by them for Majors. Symbiosis School of Liberal arts offers a curriculum to students where one can choose a Major or a Minor and one can also opt for choosing a double Major/Minor. There are some compulsory subjects that students need to study.
Mentioned below is the list of subjects for Majors:-
Mathematics & Statistics
Media Studies
Computer Studies
Business Studies
International Relations
Political Science & Public Policy
Mentioned below is the list of subjects for Minors:-
Women and Gender Studies
Film Studies
Peace and Conflict Studies
Performing Arts and Law
Note:-Students should note that all subjects mentioned in Majors can be pursued as Minors also. Students should go through the list of core courses and electives offered during graduation.
The first and foremost requirement for enrollment to the B.A /B.Sc. Liberal Arts programme is to appear for Symbiosis Entrance Test (SET). Those students who have passed their 12th standard can appear for this exam.
Liberal arts course helps students to develop an ideology that is rooted in an understanding of current socio-economic issues through different programmes such as:-
  • Community Outreach Project.
  • Internship programme
  • Miscellaneous academic requirements.
Cost-Factor analysis for B.A./B.Sc. Liberal Arts at SSLA: -
For Indian students:- Fees for BA/ B.Sc Liberal Arts (Tentative)
Academic Fees (Per Annum)
Rs. 3,85,000
Institute Deposit (Refundable Amount)
Rs. 10,000
For Internaionalstudents:-Fees for BA/ B.Sc Liberal Arts (Tentative)
Academic Fees (Per Annum)
Rs. 5,80,000
Administrative fees (Non Refundable)
Rs. 40,000
Institute Deposit  (Refundable)
Rs. 10,000
Advantages of B.A. Liberal Arts programme from Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts:-
  • Students enrolled for B.A. Liberal Arts degree acquire skills that help them to excel in their professional careers. Students hone their communication skills, interpersonal skills, analytical skills and become multi-taskers.
  • The industry exposure helps students to acquire time management skills.
  • Interaction with multicultural groups helps students to broaden their horizon and have a multi-dimensional approach to managerial issues.
  • The Student Council is engaged in a number of activities that help students to build their confidence and instill a competitive streak amongst the students.
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