Top Liberal Arts Colleges in India

Top Liberal Arts colleges in India are offering courses to students that broaden their scope of employment opportunities.  Globalization has impacted the working culture of the industry, thereby leading to a demand for a youth who possess the required qualification and has a multi-dimensional approach. Many colleges in India are offering Liberal arts courses, and they have designed their curriculum in a manner that provides an opportunity for students to choose various subjects. Apart from the academic curriculum, other elements help students to hone their interpersonal skills. Students studying liberal arts courses from these top Liberal Arts colleges develop a unique trait to think out of the box and adapt readily to new changes. Students go for combinations such as Psychology as a major subject and History as a minor subject or Mathematics as a major and Philosophy as a minor. There are several job opportunities available for a Liberal Arts graduate in sectors such as consulting, banking, media and advertising, public relations, teaching and research, government organisations etc.
Some of the top Liberal Arts Colleges in India are mentioned below :-
1. Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts:-
At Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts, students are awarded a B.A/ B.Sc degree in Liberal Arts with the freedom to choose subjects for major and minors depending upon their area of interest. To be eligible to gain admission in Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts , students have o clear  “ Symbiosis Entrance Test ”. Students can look forward to receiving an academically rich learning environment.
2. MIT-WPU School of Liberal Arts
MIT World Peace University is one of the technology-driven universities in India. MIT-WPU promotes academic excellence and a sense of development among the students by being socially equipped with societal norms and requirements. MIT-WPU School of Liberal Arts focuses on creating an alliance between Arts, Economics, Literature, Psychology, Political Science and Leadership skills. It also emphasizes the development of problem-solving skills, analytical approach and research aptitude for life-long learning.
The Programs under MIT WPU School of Liberal Arts consist of exhaustive course baskets to choose from, so that the students can orient themselves academically according to their interests. The School of Liberal Arts connects the Learners to Academic and Industry Experts on one-to-one basis. The subject diversity facilitates in developing interdisciplinary perspectives in the students. The Schools ensures a strong base of academics through continually updated syllabus, continuous internal assessment, practical work, workshops, guest lectures, fieldwork, assignments, and various teaching-learning methods. The School also organizes Rural and International Immersion Programs that ensure experiential learning in the students. The institute offers a unique program in Liberal Arts, BBA (Liberal Studies) Leadership, that caters to the developments in technology and corporate requirements, along with encouraging Leadership qualities in the students.
3. Ashoka University for Liberal Arts
A university which has carved a niche for itself in the field of Liberal Arts education is Ashoka University. The Liberal Arts programme at Ashoka University focuses on inter-disciplinary courses. The Liberal Arts course is designed in a manner that equips a student with a skillset to increase his efficiency at work and be adaptable to work in multi-cultural and a multi-lingual workplace. Students have to appear for Ashoka Aptitude Test followed by an essay and a personal interview round. Two programmes that help this University to stand out from the rest is The Ashoka Scholars Programme and Young India Fellowship programme.
4. Azim Premji University- Liberal Arts Course
Azim Premji University is one of the prestigious academic institutions offering Liberal Arts courses to students who have cleared 12th class. The interdisciplinary areas that students study are Development, Sustainability, Education and Media, Society and Development along with the undergraduate programme. Students can pursue majors in Sciences (Physics/ Biology), Mathematics, Economics and Humanities where they receive a Bachelor of Science degree. Students have another option of receiving a dual degree if they opt for a B.Sc. B.Ed programme which is for four years. There are vast numbers of exciting career opportunities for a Liberal Arts graduate from Azim Premji University.
5. Auro University - Liberal Arts Course
Established in 2018, School of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences is a leading School of Liberal Arts in the country. The School offers quality programs in Liberal Arts such as BA/BA Honours in English, Psychology and Economics that provide multidisciplinary orientation and exposure. As Auro University is guided by the vision of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, the aspects of Integral Education are also integrated into the Liberal Arts curriculum.
Since there is a growing recognition for the need for ‘well-rounded individuals’, the program offered by the School holds special value to society, community and world at large because students receiving this kind of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary education will emerge as thought leaders. For this, the curriculum designed and delivered at the School is equipped with courses that range from history and philosophy to fine arts and sociology, and from public policy to entrepreneurship.
It is advisable that to understand the admission process of Auro University thoroughly; the candidate should click here
6. FLAME University - Liberal Arts Course
Flame University draws many students for the various undergraduate courses that can be pursued in an academically enriching environment. Students are awarded B.A / B.A(Hons.)/ B.Sc./B.Sc (Hons)/ BBA (Communications Management) degree according to the subjects offered during graduation. FLAME University adds value to the learning process by incorporating crucial components such as Critical Reasoning, Academic Writing and I.T Literacy for students pursuing the Liberal Arts programme.
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7. Christ University – Liberal Arts Course
The Liberal Arts course offered at Christ University is a sought after course for many students who wish to pursue graduation. Students after completing graduation in Liberal Arts are placed successfully by different organizations. To gain admission in the Liberal Arts programme, students have to appear for CUET exam conducted by Christ University. Students are encouraged to participate in case discussions, debates and mock-problem solving exercises to inculcate a spirit of inquiry and an analytical approach. Students should study the details from the Christ University’s official website mentioned below.
8. Jindal School of Liberal Arts & Humanities
The Liberal Arts and Humanities course at Jindal School prepares a student in a manner that makes him job ready. The Jindal School of Liberal Arts & Humanities is designed in a manner that encompasses a large number of literary subjects along with subjects that require an analytical approach. To foster a spirit of inquiry and contemplation the college focuses on many skill building activities.
9. Shiv Nadar University:-
The School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Shiv Nadar University has eight departments namely, Communications; Economics; English; Art, Design & Performing Arts; Education; History; International Relations; and Sociology which is an advantage in many ways. Students pursuing Liberal Arts course from Shiv Nadar University have the freedom to design their own curriculum keeping in mind their area of specialization. Students have to clear SNUSAT to gain admission in the Liberal Arts course.  A Bachelor of Arts(Research) or a Bachelor of Science(Research) degree is awarded to students depending upon the area of specialization that they had opted for during graduation.
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