Liberal Arts – An emerging field of education in India

Why Liberal arts?
Liberal Arts is an upcoming stream of education in India and it is garnering a lot of attention from all quarters. As the millennial generation is open to experiment and go beyond the traditional career choices, the Liberal Arts course provides ample scope for new and untrodden career paths. The need of the hour is to introduce a course structure to students that promotes interdisciplinary and experiential learning and this is exactly the nature of Liberal Arts course. Liberal Arts course fosters creativity and independent thinking in students and prepares them for any eventuality in the future.
Scope of Liberal arts:-
Over the last decade, the dynamics of education have changed, and new fields of profession are cropping up. Such a scenario has opened up the field of education. There is a shift from the three cliche fields (arts, commerce & sciences) to a diverse set of specialized career options. The requirement for skilled professionals, like engineers, doctors, lawyers, accountants, managers, specialist officers, banking officers etc, has grown immensely. But, according to industry veterans and research scholars jobs will be more reasoning oriented in times to come. Companies will hire those professionals who are able to assess the current scenario and project future changes, therefore the requirement of a Liberal Arts graduate will grow in the future.
Liberal Arts is a globally favoured interdisciplinary model preferred by many young and ambitious students. Many famous foreign universities have introduced this course to students. Over the years, there has been a rise in the number of students taking admission in this course. The introduction of Liberal Arts course, in universities and colleges in India, will help students to have multiple career openings. According to inputs from academic scholars a focused approach on Liberal Arts course will help Indian universities to improve their ranking globally as well.
5 Advantages of Pursuing Liberal Arts Course:-
  1. Students develop soft skills, for instance, they become proficient in writing & public speaking. They enhance their presentation skills and learn to work collaboratively
  2. Most importantly, students develop analytical and critical thinking abilities with a problem solving approach.
  3. Understanding cultural diversity becomes a key learning for students pursuing Liberal Arts.
  4. Students have the chance to study an eclectic mix of subjects choosing from a platter of subjects belonging to humanities and science streams.
  5. Students have a wide platform of career opportunities as they have studied a diverse set of subjects.
Hoping that this article has answered all your queries regarding Liberal Arts education in India.
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