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Jindal School of Liberal Arts & Humanities has carved a niche in the field of education. Jindal School of Liberal Arts and Humanities offers a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Liberal Arts & Humanities in collaboration with Rollins College, Florida. In the first two years, a student studies foundational aspects of liberal arts and humanities course. Students interested in pursuing Liberal Arts course from Jindal School of Liberal Arts and Humanities will receive academic inputs of global standards. The JSLA has incorporated innovative pedagogy in Liberal Arts programme that focuses on a small batch size which fosters faculty-student engagement. This programme has a strong interdisciplinary foundation with students having the option of specializing in one’s chosen subject areas. 
Why pursue Liberal Arts from Jindal School of Liberal Arts & Humanities?
Studying Liberal Arts course at JSLH is a way of having a deeper understanding of various subjects by means of posing challenging questions. The vast array of subjects such as mathematics, sociology, history, literature, creative arts etc. provided at this institution helps an individual to delve deeper and practice inquiry and contemplation. The teaching methodology undertaken at JSLH encourages a student to inquire and contemplate about a diverse set of issues, thereby broadening his horizon. The growing demand for professionals who can analyze and anticipate the trends of the industry have forced many academic institutions to introduce Liberal Arts and Humanities course. This course in Liberal Arts and Humanities from Jindal School of Liberal Arts & Humanities is sought-after, and it equips an individual to acquire a range of skills and develop an insatiable thirst for knowledge.
Eligibility for B.A.(Hons) Liberal Arts & Humanities:-
  • Students can pursue Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Liberal Arts & Humanities at JSLH after completion of 12th class. Student should have procured minimum 60 % aggregate marks in standard 12th.
  • The student seeking admission to the course should have cleared the entrance namely, JSAT/SAT/ACT.
  • The admission process consists of three rounds. Apart from the entrance scores(JSAT/SAT/ACT/), student  has to provide a personal statement and  past academic records. The short-listed students have to clear the interview round also.
Programme Structure:-
Two different degree options are available for students at JSLH:-
  • The first option is where a student can pursue a three-year BA (Hons) in Liberal Arts and Humanities with possible specialization in eleven academic subjects and has an option of completing one semester abroad.
  • The second option is where a student can pursue four-year degree program with Rollins College in the US or Deakin University in Australia. Those students who enroll for this course have to complete two years at JSLH and the remaining two years at  leading partner universities.
The list of major courses in B.A (Hons) Liberal Arts and Humanities is mentioned below:-
  1. Economics
  2. International Business
  3. Environment & Sustainability
  4. Expressive Arts (Visual Arts)
  5. Socilogy & Anthrolpology
  6.  History
  7. Literary Studies       
  8. Philosophy
  9. Psychology
Note:-  Students with an excellent academic record and feel that their desired subject is not a part of the majors then he/she has the option for a “Self-Designed Major”.
Benefits of studying a Liberal Arts & Humanities course at JSLH:-
  • Students study 19 core courses which include social sciences, literature, history, environmental studies, expressive arts and philosophy. These courses help students to gain a basic understanding of these subjects.
  • The belief which propels the JSLH student is “learning by doing” approach as great emphasis is put on debates, discussions and activities based on practical knowledge.
  • Each student is assigned a mentor that helps students in understanding the course structure and other such issues.
  • The semester exchange programmes give students to study abroad in renowned universities of the world such as the University of Granada(Spain), University of Columbia(Canada), Trinity College, Dublin etc.
  • Students after completion of the course acquire many skills that help them to improve their efficacy at work. Students hone their communication skills and become critical and analytical thinkers.
  • A host of career opportunities are open for these B.A Liberal Arts graduate in the field of advertising, design, journalism, NGOs, performing arts etc.
Fee Structure of Liberal Arts course:-
Programme Fee for B.A. (Hons.) in Lieral Arts & Humanities - Rs. 6.5 Lacs (Yearly)
For more information, students can visit the college website:-
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