Free SET Mock Tests - Take Test Now !

The SET mock tests are an ideal testing ground for its aspirant, as it helps them in ways more than simply providing adequate test practice. SET mock test replicates an actual exam setting, encompassing the following aspects.
1. Functionality– Functionality means that the SET mock test looks and feels akin to the actual online SET exam. The navigation, test duration, even little things such as the location of the timer and the review feature - everything looks like the SET exam
2. Academic similarity– The SET mock test possesses the same difficulty level of questions that come in Symbiosis Entrance Test. The topic of questions, break up between easy and difficult questions, right number of Reading Comprehension questions - are just like what one finds in an actual SET exam. 
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3. Performance Analysis– SET mock tests are there not just to replicate the real exam environment, but also provide timely feedback to the aspirants regarding the level of their preparation. This should ideally include:
  • strength & weakness analysis,
  • time-taken per question,
  • area-wise performance analysis
4. Competition analysis– The SET mock test series will tell you your section wise detailed scores, percentile and ranks at a pan India level. It will show where you stand among other aspiring aspirants.
The presence of these aspects are enough parameters to assess the quality of a test series. Now don’t just lag behind in perfecting for the SET preparation and improving your chances for a coveted seat in Symbiosis. Register yourself to the hitbullseye, login and click on the above button to take test.
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