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SET Online Coaching- The official exam dates for the Symbiosis Entrance Test (SET) 2025 is yet to be announced. The exam is expected to be conducted in two slots in May 2025. Generally before opting for any college, students should check the information and rankings of the college they desire. Symbiosis is among the best management colleges in India. Symbiosis Pune organises SET for the admission of candidates in the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) course in multiple colleges under Symbiosis International University. From this article one can better understand the requirement for guidance and online coaching for the SET exam.
SET Coaching
Since there are a lot of students who apply for this exam annually and there are limited seats, an aspirant should consider coaching by experts for proper studies and strategically attempting the exam. The BBA courses are offered in multiple campuses of Symbiosis International University through Symbiosis Entrance Test (SET). The preparation for the exam becomes smooth provided a candidate has access to expert mentorship along with high-quality and relevant study material. 
SET  Do It Yourself 
This SET online coaching course is tailored for ambitious learners seeking self-paced study with the freedom to learn on their own terms. With 30+ E-Books, 200+ Videos, 115+ Assignments, and 80+ full-length mocks, this comprehensive pack equips you to prepare for the exam effectively. The test series which comprises full-length mock tests along with sectional and topic-wise tests, mirrors the actual exam format closely and addresses commonly recurring topics based on past trends.
SET Online Classroom 
This course is tailor-made for serious BBA aspirants aiming to get into Symbiosis. Our SET-BBA online coaching offers on-demand access to live classes by top faculty from IITs, IIMs, 400+ tests, 115+ hours of doubt sessions, and more at unbeatable prices. This course can also be utilized as a base for other entrance exams like NPAT, CUET, IPMAT, and JIPMAT, as well.
Free Study Material for SET
To kickstart your preparation for BBA entrance exams, explore our collection of free ebooks featuring 35+ videos and ebooks, 10+ full-length mocks, and more. These free resources help in laying the foundation for the preparation of SET. The videos and ebooks offer a clear overview and a deeper understanding of concepts and topics. This is useful for aspirants seeking conceptual clarity and enhancing exam readiness.
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SET  Test Series
Test series play a crucial role in keeping track of your performance effectively. Hitbullseye provides meticulously designed test series for all BBA entrances including SET. These include advanced AI analysis to guide you in identifying your strengths and weaknesses and enables you to modify your strategy accordingly. Besides this, the test series also has various special features like National ranking, national percentile and much more. With 80+ Full-Length Mocks, Hitbullseye’s test series are very close to the actual exam.
Why take the Hitbullseye Online SET Exam online coaching?
The Internet has enveloped many social requirements and education is one among them. Taking the ongoing trend a step ahead, Hitbullseye has created SET online coaching programme. Some advantages, such as low expenses and apt usage of time, are as below.
  • When you take SET online coaching, you will not have to spend a great deal on buying the SET online coaching programme. You will experience the best SET online coaching features, such as live lectures, e-books and doubt sessions. For such a fantastic SET preparation module, you will be spending less than half of the cost of the offline programme.
  • While you are preparing for the SET BBA through online coaching, you will not be spending your time visiting conventional centres, and you will get sufficient time for preparing for the SET BBA exam.
  • Online learning can happen at any time of the day. It is applicable in case of SET online coaching as well. When you have access to SET online coaching you can learn all the topics of SET BBA entrance such as quant, English and reasoning, whenever you want to.
  • You can ask your questions and engage in conversations about SET exam or other BBA entrances in the Telegram group that you will have an access to. Our expert faculty members or SET co-aspirants who are already in the group may respond.
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Features of SET Online Coaching
The Hitbullseye SET online coaching is a great platform for all SET-BBA aspirants. It benefits even those who cannot reach the coaching centres physically. With the internet's widespread reach, SET online coaching is the best preparation source for those who cannot attend conventional offline classes. The students who have access to SET online classes get interactive sessions and can clear their doubts and questions from the faculty members during the live lecture.  
  • SET online classes cater to all types of requirements of BBA aspirants. Some students may want to go for the complete preparation course, while others may want to prepare selected sections and topics they want. Considering this factor, Hitbullseye has made SET online coaching flexible for the vivid requirements of the students.
  • Information regarding the live lectures is provided in advance. During the live lecture sessions, you have a choice to clear your doubts from the faculty member through the students’ pop-up window present at the side panel of your screen.
  • The SET online coaching covers the entire entrance syllabus, which is presented in recorded videos, e-books, and mock tests. The mock tests check how prepared you are for the SET exam. They provide an AI-based analysis of your performance at a national level. You also get access to your national rank and national percentile which is an overall analysis of your performance in a test in comparison to your classmates taking the same test
  • The telegram groups are created for the students to help them clear their doubts and solve the questions and problems they come across during the preparation for SET exam. The group is online and is always active. The answers you get can be from the students or an expert faculty.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What are SET online live lectures?
Our knowledgeable faculty members deliver the Live lectures for SET online coaching. This gives you a sense of being in a classroom. You can get answers to your queries about the topics covered during the class through the student panel.
What to do if I miss a SET online coaching live lecture?
Once a student misses a live lecture, he can access it in form of recording on his course page after 2 days. However, in the recorded lectures you cannot ask questions such as in the live lectures.
Are there any technical demands for accessing the SET online course?
You will need electronic gadgets such as a laptop or a desktop, mobile /tablet with a high-speed internet connection for accessing the SET online coaching.
Can I use a mobile phone to access the SET online course?
You can use a mobile phone to access the SET online coaching by entering the credentials. These credentials are available in the welcome mail while buying the programme.
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