NCHM JEE Previous Year Question Papers

NCHM JEE is the most popular and main entrance exam for admission to India's best hotel management institutes, such as IHM's and SIHM's. Knowing and going through the NCHM JEE previous year question papers is the first step towards its preparation for the hotel management aspirants. When you have the NCHM JEE last year question papers with you, you will have a clear idea about the genre of questions in the different sections of NCHM JEE.
The NCHM JEE entrance test has 200 questions divided into its 5 sections which are:-
  • Numerical Ability and Scientific Aptitude
  • Reasoning and Logical Deduction
  • General Language and Current Affairs
  • English Language
  • Aptitude for Service Sector
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The core advantages of having and solving the NCHM JEE previous year question papers are:-
  1. Strengthening the weak sections for the NCHM JEE:- When you solve NCHM JEE previous year question papers, you analyse your performance and acknowledge the sections and kind of questions that you are uncertain about, and they require more and harder preparation. Thus by putting some additional efforts into preparing those weak sections, you will have a good hold over such challenging questions.
  2. Strategy for the actual NCHM JEE exam:- Upon solving the NCHM JEE previous year question papers, you learn and add on specific skills such as time management. Your speed and accuracy for solving the questions help you in acing the exam.
NCHM JEE Previous Year Question Papers
NCHM JEE Previous Year Question Papers Download NCHM JEE Previous Year Question Papers
NCHM JEE Previous Year Question Papers 1
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NCHM JEE Previous Year Question Papers 2
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Specific skills considered essential to solving the NCHM JEE exam are:-
  1. You need to have the concept clarity regarding the NCHM JEE questions, i.e. you need to know the basics or the fundamentals of all the various areas from which questions are asked in the NCHM JEE.
  2. The step that follows next is to practice as many NCHM JEE questions as possible. For the logical reasoning and numerical ability section, practice is the key to success.  Newspaper reading for mastering the NCHM JEE general knowledge section is a mandate. Reading is beneficial in solving the NCHM JEE reading comprehension and English language questions as well.
  3. Having good time management skills while solving the NCHM JEE paper is undoubtedly required. It helps to maintain the question-solving speed without compromising on accuracy.
How to use NCHM JEE previous year question papers?
The steps you should follow are:-
  1. Download the NCHM JEE previous year paper.
  2. Solve it in the actual time limit: 180 minutes.
  3. Analyse your performance.
  4. Identify your weak and strong areas.
  5. Work on your weak areas to clear the exam.
Benefits of previous years' Question Papers
  • Regular Practice – Previous years' question papers ensure that the student is acquainted with the exam pattern and practising well. The student will get an insight into the NCHM JEE 2021 question paper based on previous years. It is observed that the students are benefitted from regularly solving the last years' question papers.
  • Know the Mistakes– If you regularly solve the previous years' question papers, you would know your mistakes and slowly make no room for them. You get to know the types of questions from all of the topics and practice them to excel in the NCHM JEE 2024.
  • Stay Motivated– When you know the concepts thoroughly while practising previous years' question papers, it boosts your confidence.With self-confidence, the students stay motivated and won't be anxious during examinations.
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Practising previous years' question papers is very important to ace NCHM JEE 2024. If you want more information regarding the NCHM JEE entrance test, please check out other links on our website.
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