LSAT 2021 Exam Analysis

Law School Admission Test – India (LSAT – India) is an online entrance exam conducted by the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) for admissions to undergraduate law schools in India. The entrance test is conducted in multiple cities. For 2021, the exam was conducted starting from May 29, 2021. LSAT 2020 exam was delayed due to COVID and was later conducted from July 19 – July 22, 2020.
It is expected that LSAT 2021 will be on the same lines as LSAT 2020. The LSAT score is acceptable by most of the universities. However, for a better understanding of the exam, read the exam analysis based on LSAT 2020.
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LSAT 2021 Exam Pattern
Number of Sections
Number of questions
Allotted time for each
Analytical Reasoning
35 minutes
1st Logical Reasoning
35 minutes
2nd Logical Reasoning
35 minutes
Reading Comprehension
35 minutes
Total: 4
Total: 92
Total: 2 hours 20 minutes
LSAT 2021 Exam Analysis
For LSAT 2021, the number of questions will be 92 and the time allotted will be140 minutes.
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Analytical Reasoning
The level of difficulty for this exam is moderate to difficult. The questions in this section are based on task assignment, conditionality, grouping, arrangements and much more. However, the questions can be tricky, which might consume most of your time. Thus, it is required that you practice it well to save most of your time.
1st Logical reasoning and 2nd Logical Reasoning
Both of the sections in Logical Reasoning are tricky and time-consuming. However, the first section of legal reasoning is easier than the second section. The sections are of moderate to a difficult level of difficulty. Overall, the section is on standard lines. Candidates can expect a similar level of difficulty in LSAT 2021.
Reading Comprehension
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The section is easier than other sections. However, a few candidates might experience a little difficulty in attempting passage-based questions, as candidates might take time in analyzing questions. Passages are of different lengths, though, students might need to spend time in reading them. Comprehension passages might be based on topics like science, politics, environment etc.
An in-depth analysis of LSAT 2021 done by our industry experts will be available on the page by the evening the exam is conducted.
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