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Law is not limited to only BA LLB and the CLAT exam. There are many entrances and courses associated with law. To name a few, BBA LLB, B.Com LLB, B.Sc. LLB, BSW LLB, and even B.Tech LLB is among the integrated law courses that students opt for. These courses will impart knowledge to the students regarding their courses such as a student going for the BBA LLB will have the knowledge of business law. Therefore, the values of pursuing professional law degrees from the best law schools in the nation can be well comprehended from these courses for a bright career in law. For the same purpose, sufficient preparation is required as the competition is only for a few seats in premier law colleges such as the DU Law,  University Institute of Legal Studies, Panjab University, Indraprastha Law College and many others.
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Law Coaching
Opting for coaching is a wise move to excel in prestigious law entrance exams at top schools like  CLAT, AILET, SLAT, NLAT, LSAT, etc. Given the competitive nature of these exams, a strategic approach is crucial for LLB admissions. Choosing law coaching signifies a commitment to a future in the legal field. The mentors at these coaching sessions will not only steer you toward top law schools but also meticulously prepare you for the entrance exams.
Law Online Classroom
The Law online classroom provides a comprehensive offering, including over 240 hours of interactive live classes, 110+ full-length mocks, exclusive current affairs magazine "BullDose," our legal awareness magazine "Lawscope," and more. This program ensures thorough preparation for future lawyers. Perfect for ambitious individuals looking to launch their legal careers at the nation's top law institutions.
Law Practice Test
Preparing for a national-level exam requires diligent progress monitoring. Law test series play a vital role in aligning exam preparation with requirements. Hitbullseye’s Law Test series utilizes advanced AI Test analytics to offer prompt, detailed performance feedback. This helps students pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses. Due to the overlap in syllabi among various law entrance exams, these test series benefit not just Law exams but also other tests such as CLAT, SLAT, NLAT, and LSAT.
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Law Do It Yourself
Many aspiring lawyers opt for self-study to prepare for their exams. Hitbullseye's DIY Law program is designed specifically for such individuals. Tailored for students who value flexibility and the freedom to learn at their own pace, the program offers over 85 full-length tests (CLAT, AILET, SLAT, LSAT, etc.) more than 450 sectional and topic-wise tests, over 245 concept videos, and much more, all at competitive prices.
Law Free Prep
Enhance your Law exam preparation with Hitbullseye's online coaching. Access complimentary study materials to thoroughly understand the exam format and syllabus. Benefit from informative concept videos and assignments to boost your readiness for the examination.
Why take the Online Law Coaching?
Opting for online law coaching represents a contemporary and advanced approach to preparing for law entrance exams. Nowadays, students heavily rely on the internet, which has seamlessly integrated into the education sector. A significant benefit of online law coaching is the comprehensive coverage of the law entrance syllabus in a single package. This eliminates the need to sift through numerous books for preparation. Through live lectures, videos, mock tests, and e-books, online law coaching thoroughly equips law aspirants for success. Here are the advantages of enrolling in online law coaching.
  • Online doubts clarification—When uncertain, seeking clarification is the guiding principle of law online coaching. As law aspirants engage in online coaching, they can pose queries within the designated Telegram group. Your question may be answered either by peers or by a knowledgeable faculty member, enhancing your learning experience.
  • All time is the right time for law entrance preparation. With the exam days approaching, you may want to put in a bit of extra effort and burn the midnight oil. Therefore, online law coaching is most suitable for aspirants as the prep material is not restricted to the classroom. You have all-time access to online law coaching for preparation.
  • Full utilization of time for law online preparation—You don’t have to travel to the conventional coaching center when you have online law coaching. The syllabus covering the law entrance is made available in the law online coaching. Sections such as legal aptitude, English, and basic mathematics will all be there for you in the law online coaching. So prepare whenever you want without wasting any time travelling at all.
  • Full preparation at the least expense—Online law coaching is not as expensive as conventional coaching. You get the most advanced form of learning at the least cost. If you compare the fee structure for both kinds of coaching, you will find that online coaching is less than half the cost of conventional coaching.
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    Features of law online coaching
    Law online coaching not only provides advanced learning but also offers the flexibility to learn at your own pace. With faculty support available online, students aspiring for a legal career gain high levels of confidence and assistance.
    • Students can go for sectional learning as well as for full-fledged preparation as per the needs of the student. This privilege is provided to the students of law online coaching for either going for the sectional study of the topic or for the full prep course of online law coaching.
    • Live lectures, e-books, mocks, and doubt sessions complete the syllabus, and the Hitbullseye online law coaching programme covers all the topics forming the law question papers.
    • The Telegram group, where students and faculty members are available online, is a single platform for solving students' doubts and questions. Aspirants taking online law coaching are enrolled in the Telegram law preparation group.
    • Students are well informed before attending the live lectures, and students can, therefore, ask their doubts and questions during the live sessions.
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    Frequently Asked Questions
    What should I do if I miss a live lecture on law?
    In case you miss the live lecture for law preparation, after two days it gets uploaded, and you can access it from your profile. It can be seen on the course page that you have for online law coaching. In case of a doubt, you can ask it in the telegram group and not while the lecture is running because it’s recorded.
    How secure is the payment I made for law online coaching?
    We care about your precious and sensitive data and never store security information such as CVVs and passwords. The most trusted payment gateways are GooglePay, PayTM, and PayU.    
    Can I access more than one law programme from a single ID?
    You can access the online law coaching programmes with a single ID that you received along with the welcome email. However, the payment has to be separate for more than one programme.
    What are the technical requirements for accessing the law online coaching?
    To access the online law coaching, you will need a laptop or computer, mobile device, or tablet with a high-speed internet connection and your login details.
    Can I clear the law entrance exam by taking the online law coaching?
    Hitbullseye's online law coaching comprehensively addresses the entire syllabus for law entrance exams, offering a holistic preparation experience. The syllabus includes key topics like legal aptitude, general knowledge, English, mathematics, and reasoning. Law aspirants benefit from AI-driven analysis of their mock exams. Moreover, they can receive personalized support from faculty members and peers to clarify doubts, tackle problems, and resolve queries effectively.
    How does law online coaching differ from classroom coaching?
    Online law coaching offers advanced support to students, providing expert guidance through platforms like telegram groups or social media. Live lectures enhance engagement and interaction, while mock tests and practice papers ensure thorough preparation for aspiring law professionals. The program not only simplifies academic performance analysis but also increases scholarship opportunities.
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