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M. F Hussian, Leonardo Da Vinci, Sardar Sobha Singh, Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet are among the famous personalities when it comes to fine arts.
Today fine arts are not just limited to painting and portrait making. Sculpture-making, Pottery, Photography, and animation are among some of the professions that are gaining popularity as a profession of fine arts. 
Many famous colleges provide a course in fine arts with a specialisation in the subjects that a candidate may choose. There are options of pursuing the fine arts course online or even through distance learning.
The essentiality for the admission to a course in fine arts requires a portfolio in the art form. One must provide his/her works upon demand during the admission. There are many career options that one can opt for, upon completion of the course in fine arts.
Eligibility for a course in Fine Arts
The candidates may have passed 12th from any stream; they are eligible for a course in fine arts. There may be colleges which may keep minimum marks for the admission candidates. They may demand 50- 60 % marks in 12th for the admission of candidates.
In many schools, fine arts are taught as a subject and marks or grades are awarded for the same. If a candidate shows his work sample during admission, it may better his chances of selection.
Required skills for pursuing a course in Fine Arts
If you are a creative and expressive person with a sincere interest for fine arts, then you can surely go ahead for pursuing a course in it. As a fine artist, you must have these skills in you:
Designing Skills, Imaginative Skills, Artistic Ability, Creative Ability, Interpersonal Skills, Hand Drawing Skills, An Eye to Detail, Innovative, Passionate, Ability to Focus & Concentrate, Problem-Solving Skills, Observant, Visualisation Skills, Patience, Sense of Patterns & Colours, Ability to Express, Technical Skills, Ability to Respond Spontaneously.
Subjects taught in Fine Arts
The subjects of fine arts are different as per the specialisation in a particular topic (fine arts/drawing/sculpture/painting/pottery/clay modelling etc.) Given below are the subjects that will give the candidates an idea about the course. History of Indian Art, Clay Modeling, Portrait Painting, Indian Aesthetics, History of Western Art, Contemporary Indian Art, Techniques and Technology of Fine Arts, History of Indian Sculpture, Art Criticism, Western Paintings and Sculpture, Art Management and Marketing, Music and Aesthetics, Indian Pre-Modern and Modern Art, Printmaking, Composition Painting, Geometry and Perspective, Print Making in Mix Media, Painting, Graphics Tools, Pictorial Composition, Mold Making and Casting, Art Gallery Management
Career choices after degree in Fine Arts 
There are plenty of career options that fine artists can go for. They have different fields where they can work as per there specialisation. These are:
Art Director, Animator, Art Teacher, Illustrator, Curator, Cartoonist, Fabricator, Community Arts Worker, Story Board Artist, Visulaiser, Commercial Artist.
The prime recruiters for fine artists are companies such as   Cognizant, Lowe Lintas, Microsoft Corporation, Robosoft Technologies, Saregama India Limited, HT Media, Universal Arts Limited, Iris Mediaworks, Balaji Telefilms Limited.
Hope the article helped you in providing information regarding fine arts and the professions associated with it. 
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