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There was a time when sports was looked down upon, as the mindset of the people was, as a sportsperson one cannot earn his daily bread and butter easily. But if you are born with a passion for sports and you choose to make a career in it, then there are abundant opportunities for you. 
With the advancement in the development of sports, the mindset of people has also changed. They are aware of the many career opportunities that exist in sports other than being an active sports person. The various other vocational fields in sports are sports management, sports medicine, sports journalism, fitness and health clinic, and adventure sports. They have been regarded as the complete professions and are highly paid as well.  
Experienced sportsperson are offered to work in fields such as sports journalism, sports goods manufacturing and marketing, commentators and sports reviewers.  
To become a sportsperson along with dedication you also need to be physically fit, energetic and enthusiastic. If you are aiming to be a trainer or a sports manager, the minimum educational requirement is to be a graduate in physical education.
Eligibility Criteria for Sports Academies
The Sports Authority of India has been encouraging the budding sportspersons at the National and State level as there are sports academies which give scholarships to these sportspersons.  The minimum education qualification for availing the scholarships are of having passed the 12th standard exam from a recognized board.  
The core objectives of these academies are to promote sports in the nation and inculcate the value of sportsmanship in sports personals.
Personal Skills
Sports is one such field with huge competition and apart from the physical strength, you need to be mentally tough as well. Patience and perseverance are the basic qualities that are a must in a good sportsperson. The commitment to their sport and sportsmanship spirit are the most important aspect that a sports person should possess.
Job Prospects and Career Scope in Sports
Sports as a profession offers abundant career opportunities, given below are some of the career choices in the field of sports.
Career as a Sports Person
When a person is determined to become a sportsperson or take an athletic activity as a career. He needs to follow a strict training regimen and guidance from a coach. A sportsperson has to follow a strict diet plan that has been recommended to him by the nutrition.
When a sportsperson makes the nation proud, he is encouraged by the nation and the government.
The actual performance of a sportsperson may not be perennial but the best days of his career come to the fore. On this basis, the government and many sports organisations offer them a high-designated job, upon their retirement from their career as a sportsperson.    
Career as a Coach
Sports activities begin early in the life of children as they start schooling. Schools certainly appoint a physical education trainer for the sports activities of the children. When children show good performances in any of the sports, they are noticed by their coaches and teachers and that's when they begin participating and winning competitions. When they win at a higher level such as school or district they are recognized and specially attended. Parents of such wards also look forward to their child's career as a sportsperson
When a child decides to make his career in sports, their parents enroll them in good sports academies. They have to follow a strict routine to advance their career to national and international.
Many other career choices such as yoga instructor, swimming instructor, horse riding coach and many others which are not only lucrative but enjoyable at the same time.
When the career of a sports person or the team is at the peak then, the coach is the one to get the credit for it. Even many retired players become team coach and are in news many a time. Therefore a career as a coach is also professional rewarding and respectable.
Career in Sports Journalism/ Sports Commentator
Enthusiasts of sports and journalism students can make their career interesting as can get into the career of sports journalism and cover the sports activities in media. Other than that being a commentator for a sport, is a profession that is highly paid. Harsha Bhogle, Ravi Sashtri, Brett Lee, and Saurav Ganguly are among some of the recognised people as commentators. They work for channels such as ESPN, Star Sports, DD Sports, and Ten Sports. 
Career as Umpire/Referee
Having a thorough knowledge of a game despite not being a regular player can also get you a career in sports as a referee or as an umpire. You have to prove your skills during the selection process and perform without biases for having a long and successful career as a referee or an umpire. David Shepherd, Steve Buckner, Billy Bowden are among some famous umpires known for a long career.   
Career as Sports Photographer and Cameraman
Since sports is an active part of journalism and at least one page is meant for sports in any national daily, a career as a sports photographer is also quite interesting. Dedicated journals such as SportStar and World Soccer are and Cameramen working with any sports channel or a national channel are well paid and also get opportunities to travel overseas for covering sports activities. Sports are followed by many people on a television screen. Therefore it is a job of responsibility to be a sports photographer or a cameraman. Salaries are not a question when you are good in your work as a sports photographer or cameraman.
Career as Consultants
Working as a physiotherapist or as a medical attendant for a team or a sportsperson is yet another option to work, in the sector of sports. Personal physical trainers are hired by sports stars who are active throughout the year. When a player gets injured in the field, physio is the first ones to give them first aid and check if they can continue playing in the same match. They are paid well for taking care of the players.
Advantages of working in sports
High name and success for coming in limelight even once.
Brand endorsements and high earnings for a lifetime.
Respected by many, by the peers, and the sporting fraternity. 
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