All about scope and course in fashion designing

Fashion designing is among the highest paying and popularly growing field pursued by many creative minds.  Upon completion of the professional course there are a numerous choices which can be turned as a career option. Though the competition is high and challenges a lot in the field, yet there is a great scope in fasion designing in India and abroad. Apart from the regular fashion designing, a candidate can go for research, cloth production, textile designing and much more. They also have the option to join a fashion house/ garments manufacturing units/ exports units or have their own showroom or a label of their own in the market. The fashion industry is not only limited to the garments, it also covers many other sectors such as, jewelry, accessories, footwear, etc. In this article we cover the various scope of the fashion world.
Fashion Designer 
The biggest and most famous of the garments brands are the names of the designers such as,  Miuccia Prada, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, Donatella Versace, Jimmy Choo, and Manish Malhotra are among some of the most famous personalities of the fashion world. The top fashion shows such as the New York Fashion Week, the Paris Fashion Week and the London fashion week are among some of the renowned ones where these fashion designers participate. These are the aspirations for budding fashion designers and there is no looking back if you give wings to your dreams. As a fashion designer you can be the most famous ones and the trend setter in the international market.  
Fashion Illustrator
Fashion designing cannot be possible without fashion illustration. A fashion illustrator is a person responsible for the making the sketches for the designers. They are the right hand man to a fashion designer. All the mental creations of a designer are put to paper by a fashion designer.
Fashion Stylist
A model or a celebrity cannot dare to walk the ramp without the styling done by a fashion stylist. From the tip to the toe, it is the fashion stylists who are responsible for how the model looks in the ramp. Their clothes, their hairstyle, their make-up, all is taken care by a fashion stylist. To make a model presentable and beautiful is the job of a fashion stylist.     
Fashion Coordinator
Organising the fashion show and taking care of the marketing requirements such as advertising of the products, and the show, is done by the fashion coordinator. He/She needs to deal with different people and crack a deal for organising the fashion event. The earning of a fashion coordinator is exclusive, once they become a popular name in the industry. 
Fashion Consultant
A career as a Fashion consultant is lucrative and has an amazing growth opportunity as well. They are free to visit many fashion shows and come up with the latest ideas for the fashion designers. They can even work for a single fashion designer or have multiple fashion houses as their clients. Knowledge of the fashion world and the changing vogues is essential for a fashion consultant.     
The fashion industry will last as long as we wear clothes. Fashion designing is a beautiful career option to go for 10+2. There is an amazing working opportunity with great earnings. The higher your creativity and strategising skills, the better you chances of getting in the top position. This industry is for the art lovers and proactive experimenters. So just think wise and choose fashion designing for an awesome journey in the world of fashion.
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