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Reading comprehension plays a pivotal role in all of the entrance exams. It is compulsory in all exams such as BPO, SSC Clerical etc. In reading comprehension you have a passage, along with questions underneath it. You need to read, and understand the passage thereby solving the questions.
So how do we tackle with reading comprehension? And how do we improve our score in it?
In order to tackle reading comprehension, we can use some important keys:
Read, Solve & Analyze:
In order to score well in Reading comprehension, it is highly recommended that you should solve at least two reading comprehensions daily. It should be done both with time limit and without the time limit, as this will help you analyze if the problem is with the time or the understanding of the passage.
Once you have solved the passage, analyze the passage properly, check all the mistakes that you have made, and also check the meanings of the words that you didn’t understand while solving the passage. Also while solving the RC passage make sure that you solve passages from different types of material as passages can be based on any area like sociology, history, economics etc. Therefore it is very important to know the basic terms related to all these areas.
Understanding the question types:
In reading comprehension, it is important to identify the question asked and to do so; you need to know the different types of questions that come in the reading comprehensions.
Types of Reading comprehension questions:
Factual - These questions are based on the based given in the passage.
Main idea questions - In this question we have to tell the main idea or the central theme of the passage.
Title - The title of the passage is linked directly to the main idea of the passage.
Inference - These questions are based on the inference of the entire passage.
Tone - In tone based questions we have to tell the tone of the passage.
Once you have understood the different question types, it will be easy for you to solve the passage. It is very important to learn the tricks associated with each question type.
One more very important thing to understand an RC passage is the vocabulary, so make sure you have good vocabulary, as it will help you understand what the author is trying to say, thereby saving your time.
Best Wishes!!
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