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Bengaluru, 11th July, 2023: The University of Bristol and NMIMS Bengaluru successfully concluded the Global Futures: Career and Cultural Experience leadership programme held in Bengaluru. This three-day in-person programme held in NMIMS Bengaluru, aimed to provide an intercultural and career-building experience for 19 students from the University of Bristol and 26 students from NMIMS Bengaluru, encompassing immersive activities, internships, and a reflective workshop.
The Global Futures program, organized by Common Purpose, a global not-for-profit organization devoted to good leadership, brought together students from different cultural backgrounds to develop their leadership skills and foster cross-cultural understanding. The programme focused on equipping the next generation of leaders with the skills and competencies necessary to navigate a fast-paced and disrupted world.
The program offered a comprehensive three-stage journey for the participating students. Stage 1: Immersions, where students were fully immersed in the host city and its vibrant culture. Over the course of three days, they engaged in activities and interactions designed to provide a deep understanding of the local context and encourage cross-cultural appreciation. Through these immersive experiences, students gained valuable insights into the dynamics of the city, its decision-making processes, and the fabric of society.
Building on the immersive experience, Stage 2: Internships, offered students the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in a real-world setting. They were placed in host organizations, where they actively contributed to meaningful projects with clear objectives and outcomes. Collaborating with professionals and sharing their innovative ideas, students actively supported the organization's goals while gaining practical insights into their respective fields.
The programme culminated in Stage 3: Reflections, a one-day workshop where participants came together to reflect on their internship experiences. This session encouraged self-reflection, facilitated knowledge sharing, and allowed students to consolidate their learnings. The workshop served as a platform for students to discuss their personal and professional growth and envision their future career paths.
The Global Futures programme featured renowned speakers and industry leaders who shared their expertise and insights on employability skills and the demands of the Bangalore workforce. Notable contributors included Sandeep Agarwal, EVP of Digital Business Services at Visionet Systems Inc.; Bharathi Govindasamy, IT Leader at Philips; Chandru Iyer, Deputy High Commissioner, Karnataka and Kerala; representatives from Accenture; Naomi Menon, Center Director at Linguaphile; Rituparna Mandal, General Manager at MediaTek; and Vivek Subramaniam, General Manager at Fidelity, among others.
Students said their visit to Visionet and Philips provided for a transformative experience that expanded their horizons and opened their eyes to new job opportunities in a world where the rise of artificial intelligence often sparks concerns about job replacement. “Engaging with professionals at these companies offered us valuable perspectives on a wide range of career opportunities. Visionet's cutting-edge work and significant impact in their field left us students encouraged and exposed us to corporate culture,” they said, adding, “The visit to Philips revealed its expansion into healthcare products like MRI machines, CT scan machines, and ultrasound machines the size of a mobile phone, showcasing the company's commitment to innovation and leaving a lasting impression.”
Talking about the success of the program, Dr. Narayani Ramachandran, Deputy Director, NMIMS Bengaluru, said, “The Global Futures leadership programme in Bangalore, organized by Common Purpose, has been a transformative experience for the students, expanding their horizons and equipping them with essential leadership skills. It has been inspiring to witness their growth and development throughout the programme, and I am confident that they are now well-prepared to navigate a rapidly changing world and make a positive impact in their respective fields."
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The School of Business Management (SBM) Bengaluru campus has been ranked first in the "Top B-Schools under Private Universities" category in Karnataka by Open Magazine. NMIMS Bengaluru was ranked second in the city-wise category by Fortune India Magazine and was awarded a rating of A+++ by Business India Magazine. Business Today Magazine ranked NMIMS Bengaluru third in the city-wise category, seventh in the south-zone category, and 15th among the private B-schools.
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