Why Hotel Management?

Are you pondering over the fact that should you opt for a career and education in Hotel Management or not?
This article will clear your doubts, confusions, and help you choose this exciting education and career in hotel management.
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The hospitality industry has gathered momentum as the preference of students for a professional education after 10+2. Hotel Management is one of the most sought-after careers in recent times. It offers excellent exposure, remuneration, and lifestyle.
While choosing this career path, one common question that the aspirants face is 'Why Hotel Management'?
Through the following points given below, we will answer this question so that the HM aspirants can take a prudent decision regarding their career.
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Scope of Hotel Management  
As the world has become a close-knitted web, globalized and connected, the experiences of travelling and leisure have also increased, and the graph shows a boom in the last decade. It has led the tourism and hospitality industry to set benchmarks and attain high standards in terms of service, business and quality. Approximately 10% of worldwide employment is for travel and tourism. Also, this industry will need 3.5 million skilled employees over the next 5 years. Therefore, we can say clearly that this field has immense scope. In the upcoming times, the hospitality industry is expected to grow even more. In the next 2 years, International Hotel Chains will invest Rs. 43,300 crore in the Indian hospitality sector.
Employment Opportunities in Hotel Management
The hospitality industry has grown tremendously, and there has been a rise in the number of different hotel chains which entertain diversified customers from the richest to casual travellers. It is such a condition when there is a demand for dedicated professionals who are at best in their services. The payrolls in this field range from INR 3 to 5 lakhs in case of a fresher. For the experienced professional, the remuneration can even increase to INR 10 to 20 lakhs per annum. Along with this, there are reputed names in the industry which recruit Hotel Management graduates. Given below are the names of a few top recruiting hotels:-
  • The Taj Group of Hotels
  • Hyatt Hotels
  • ITC Hotels
  • The Leela
  • Marriott International, Inc.
  • Radisson BLU
The recruiting positions are:- Hotel Manager, Duty Manager, Executive Chef, Restaurant Assistant Manager, and Marketing Manager. Experienced HM professionals can even start their hotel or restaurant (become an entrepreneur), teach in hotel management institutions depending on their area of interest.
Nature of work in the Hotel and Hospitality Industry 
Hotel management professional puts on glistening attire with formal makeup, have smiling faces, and attractive décor, in a beautiful ambience. They get to meet and converse with new people, enjoy cuisines and delicacies from each nook and corner of the world with handsomely paid perks. The nature of work is practical, and it involves different departments. A hotel management professional can choose from various positions such as Hotel Manager, Assistant Manager, Front Office Manager, Executive Chef, Food and Beverage Manager, Restaurant and Food Service Manager, etc.
Hotel Industry provides a great working atmosphere 
The workplace is not an office where the HM professional sits from 9 to 5 but a hotel where they are with people trained to be polite, friendly and warm. HM professional get to work in a dynamic atmosphere which changes on a day to day basis, and the atmosphere is always cheerful and lively.
Hospitality and Hotel Management is a creative field
The day to day work gives the HM professionals a chance to show their creativity. It is a people-oriented field. In all situations, HM professional are creating something new- food, drink or experience. Thus, they have a chance to show their creativity.
The HM entrance exam aspirants can see that this is one field which has an enormous scope and offers attractive career opportunities. Just a clear focus, consistent preparation of the topics that come in the test, and a good attempt of the entrance exam will make the future of HM aspirants, colourful and happy in the HM industry.  
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