Top Mass Communication Colleges in India

Since the mass media is connected with the masses, it is a directly proportional as one of the most influential industry. The profession of a journalist is of high responsibility and acute observations. Initially the industry started with newspapers and magazines, later the electronic media gained impetus and took the world in its spree. But technology progresses at a storms pace, likewise the heydays of electronic media also started setting. Now the days of internet and new media were on the rise. Today it’s the social or the new media where the information comes first and reaches even the remote corners, thanks to the mobile phones and portable gadgets.
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The new trend certainly generated interest in the masses and new generation showed high interest in the media studies. Today the media of our country has notable alumni from the best J-schools/Universities of the nation. This article will give you the list of the best colleges in the nation on the bases of their average ranks.
InstituteOfficial WebsiteCourses OfferedCourse Duration
AJK Mass Communication Research Centre – Delhi Practice Based PhD (offered in different spheres)3 years
2. MA Mass Communication2 years
3. MA Convergent Journalism2 years
4. MA Development Communication2 years
5. MA Visual Effects and Animation2 years
6. PG Diploma in Broadcast Technology1 year
7. PG Diploma in Still Photography & Visual Communication1 year
Indian Institute of Mass Communication - [IIMC], New Delhi Graduate Diploma (Advertising and Public Relations, Journalism, Radio And TV Journalism)1 year
Xavier Institute of Communications Communication for Development1 year
2. Journalism & Mass Communication 
3. Advertising & Marketing communications 
4. Film, Television & Digital Video Production Mass Communication Marathi 
5. Advanced Integrated Communication Programme (For working professionals) 
Asian College of Journalism, Chennai Post Graduate Diploma in Broadcast Journalism and New Media1 year
2. Print Journalism English / Hindi 
3. Radio Journalism 
4. Television Journalism 
Lady Shri Ram College for Women - [LSR], New Delhi of Arts [BA] {Hons.} (Journalism)3 years
Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication (Undergraduate) - [SIMCUG], Pune Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Advertising and Brand Management,3 years
2. Journalism 
3. Public Relations 
4. Mass Communication 
Mudra Institute of Communication (MICA, Ahmedabad) Fellow Programme in Management- Communication3 years
2. Postgraduate Diploma in Management- Communication1 year
3. Postgraduate Certificate Programme in Crafting Creative- Communication1 year
4. Certificate Programme in Digital Marketing1 year
Indian Institute of Journalism And New Media - [IIJNM], Bengaluru Post Graduate Diploma in Broadcast Journalism1 years
2. TV & Radio1 year
3. Mobile and Multimedia Communication1 year
4. Print Journalism English / Hindi1 year
School Of Communication - [SOC], Manipal Bachelor Of Arts [BA] (Media And Communication)3 years
2. Master of Arts [MA] (Media and Communication)2 year
3. Postgraduate Diploma in Corporate Communication1 year
Sophia College for Women, Mumbai of Mass Media [B.M.M.]3 years
Apart from the best colleges in India, there are many aspirants who look forward to pursue the course and make a career in journalism in their hometown or a city near to their place. Some even find these cities as their personal best to live and grow. For such candidates we have a list of top colleges in some prominent cities of the country. Have a look and find a college of your choice for pursuing a course in media studies.
Top Mass Communication Colleges in Chandigarh
InstituteOfficial WebsiteCourses OfferedCourse Duration
School of Communication Studies, Panjab University- Chandigarh Ph.D in Journalism and Mass Communication3 years
2. MA in Journalism and Mass Communication2 years
3. Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising and Public Relations1 years
MCM DAV College for Women, Chandigarh Diploma in Mass Communication1 years
DAV College, Chandigarh Diploma in Mass Communication1 years
Chitkara University, Rajpura, Punjab BA in Journalism3 years
2. BA in Photography and Visual Arts3 years
3. MA Journalism2 years
Chandigarh University, Gharuan, Punjab BA in Journalism and Mass Communication3 years
2. MA in Journalism and Mass Communication2 years
Top Mass Communication Colleges in Kolkata
InstituteOfficial WebsiteCourses OfferedCourse Duration
Institute of Mass Communication Film And Television Studies - [IMCFTS], Kolkata Bachelor of Arts [BA] {Hons.} (Mass Communication and Journalism)3 years
2. Master of Arts [MA] (Mass Communication & Journalism)2 years
3. Post Graduate Diploma Journalism and Mass Communication Film and Television3 years
St. Xavier's College - [SXC], Kolkata of Arts [BA] Journalism, Film Studies3 years
Birla Institute Of Liberal Arts And Management Sciences [BILAMS], Kolkata of Mass Communication [BMC]3 years
Diploma Advertising and Public Relations1 years
National Institute Of Film And Fine Arts - [NIFFA], Kolkata in Music, Film Direction, Digital Film Making, Multimedia, Cinematography1 years
Certification Course in Video Editing & Sound Recording, Non Linear Editing, Screen Writing & Film Making Course, Camera & Lighting Technique, Maya1 years
Seth Anandaram Jaipuria College, Kolkata of Arts [B.A] {Hons.} Journalism3 years
Top Mass Communication Colleges, Bengaluru
InstituteOfficial WebsiteCourses OfferedCourse Duration
Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media - [IIJNM], Bangalore Post Graduate Diploma in Broadcast Journalism TV & Radio, Mobile and Multimedia Communication, Print Journalism (English / Hindi)1 years
2. Diploma in Print and Broadcast Journalism, Broadcast Animation Multimedia1 years
Christ University, Bangalore Bachelor of Arts [BA] Media and Communication3 years
2. Bachelor of Arts [BA] {Hons.} in Journalism3 years
Convergence Institute of Media Management and Information Technology Studies - [COMMITS], Bangalore Master of Arts [MA] (Audio Visual Communication) (AVC)2 years
2. Post Graduate Diploma In Journalism, Television Production1 years
3. Certificate Course in Photography8 weeks
Garden City University - [GCU], Bangalore of Arts [BA] Journalism3 years
Bachelor of Arts [BA] {Hons.}in Journalism3 years
Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan's Harilal Bhagwati College of Communication and Management, Bangalore in Journalism1 years