How to crack MAH-CET Law 2024?

MAH-L.L.B.3 Yrs. CET-2024 for 3-year law program was successfully conducted on 12 & 13 March 2024.
MAH-LLB (5-Years) CET-2024 for a 5-year law program is scheduled to be conducted on 3 May 2024.
MAH-CET Law is conducted every year by the State Entrance Test Cell for admissions to 5-year integrated courses in law and 3-year LLB as well. The state-level examination is conducted to get admission to the top law colleges and universities in Maharashtra. Many top-ranking government and private law colleges participate in this test to admit the best students to their colleges. Law aspirants who want to study in Maharashtra appear for MAH-CET Law, which is specific to the state.
The law entrance is divided into five sections, which are to be prepared equally. The students, who are planning to appear for this exam must have a study plan ready to cover up the syllabus. Well, if you do not have one, our experts can help you make one so that you can prepare well for all the sections.
Section-wise Analysis - MAH-CET Law 2024:
MAH-CET Law is an online entrance exam with a total duration of 120 minutes. The examination is divided into five sections with a different division of questions and marks. Every correct answer is awarded one mark, and there is no negative marking in the examination.
Below mentioned is the sectional division of questions and marks:
No. of Questions
Marks Allotment
Legal Aptitude and Legal Reasoning
General Knowledge with Current Affairs
Logical and Analytical Reasoning
Mathematical Aptitude
MAH-CET Law Preparation tips for Legal Aptitude and Legal Reasoning
The section tests a candidate’s skill and knowledge towards law studies, legal aptitude, and problem-solving ability. The questions are from the legal prepositions, out of which the candidate has to assume the truth and answer the questions wisely by correctly concluding them. The student must prepare the section carefully by solving as many papers as they can. By solving various sample papers, students will get an idea of how to appear for it.
MAH-CET Law Preparation tips for General Knowledge & Current Affairs
The section contains 30 questions of one mark each. The part goes well for the people who are up-to-date with news and current affairs. Guesswork does get you a few marks but not every time. You must make it a habit to read the newspaper daily and note down the relevant information which will help you later. However, you can refer to the latest G.K. journal to memorize important happenings, appointments, awards, etc. Hitbullseye has a lot of G.K. content which can be very helpful for your preparation. Following is the link which will solve all your queries related to General Knowledge.
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MAH-CET Law Preparation tips for Logical and Analytical Reasoning
The section has the highest weightage after Legal aptitude and legal reasoning. In this section, you have to be thorough with the tricks that you can apply to solve analytical questions. It would be best if you practiced various areas like logical sequences, analogies, syllogisms, and other topics, which will help you ace this section. You can practice sample papers to understand the formulas that will help you in a smooth flow and won’t take much time in solving.
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MAH-CET Law Preparation tips for English
The section is equally important as compared to other sections. All you have to do is to be thorough with the basics. The section tests your vocabulary, grammar, comprehension skills, and English proficiency. However, you can develop a habit of reading the newspaper daily; reading novels can help you in learning new words. Solving mock test papers will help you in managing time while answering comprehension questions. Another way to enhance your vocabulary could be by writing down new words with their meaning as well.
NOTE: The correct way to remember new words is to write down the meaning. The overuse of technology by students has got them into the habit of reading online, but after some time, they tend to forget.
MAH-CET Law Preparation tips for Elementary Mathematics
Well, this might land you in trouble because everybody is not a math-whiz. The section requires a lot of preparation, time, and effort. You have to brush up on your basics if you haven’t been good at mathematics. Practice previous year's papers to have an idea of the questions that come. Also, you can learn the tricks and right formulas to reduce time on solving mathematical questions.
Important points to enhance your preparation for MAH-CET Law 2024:
Start Early- For any examination, the candidate must start preparing for the same in advance. There is no set pattern developed to prepare for the exam. For preparation, online material and books are readily available. So the students can start the preparation 6 months in advance.
Follow the Exam Pattern- Candidate must be thorough with the exam pattern. Knowing the pattern will help you in taking a step further than others. It is of utmost importance that candidates be aware of the number of questions and weightage. It will help you strategize the study plan. This will give you an idea of the time taken.
Mock Tests and Sample Papers- After giving the mock papers, a candidate comes to know where he is scoring less and where he is getting a good score. This analysis will help him to devote more time to weak sections and comparatively less time to strong subject areas. Master your skills and then move forward. Candidates can further gain confidence after solving mock tests and practice sample papers after the completion of the syllabus. However, the candidate can download the MAH-CET Law Sample Papers online. Solving these papers will help you manage your time, and you can be sure of clearing the entrance.
Time Management- Candidates must make a proper study plan by giving equal time to each section. The focus should be on reducing the time consumed per question. Time management is the key to crack any examination, along with proper preparation. Try to solve as many papers as you can to limit the time per question.
At the time of preparation, you must be acquainted with your weaknesses and strengths. Strategize in such a way that you can polish your strong subjects and even focus on the weak subjects. All you need to do is work out a plan that suits you the best. Customize the time-table and strategize your study plan, based on your college – routine or other commitments.
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