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Video Lectures

Well researched video lectures on Verbal Ability, GK, Quant, Reasoning & Legal Sections along with strategy building videos by our expert faculty with more than 10 years of teaching experience in the field of test preparation.

  • 200+

All India Test Series

Our Mock Tests help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, overall ranking, comparative analysis with competitors and best-in-industry test analysis.

  • 75+

Sectional & Chapter Wise Tests

Practice your weak areas separately by taking our section-wise tests for different sections and also for separate chapters within a section with our chapter-wise tests so that you score well overall in the final test.

  • 180+

Live E-Lectures

Real time interactive live sessions with audio, video & chat. Live e-lectures also help you in Test Analysis. Option of attending lecture on PC/Smartphone, also available. Record video facility also available in case you miss a session.

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Mobile App

Get video lectures, articles, test-booking and test-taking, e-lectures, results, analysis, alerts, notifications, all on your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. Go smart, go mobile with your Law test preparation.

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Alerts & Notification

Stay updated with regular alerts about the notifications of various entrance exams, ranking wise details of various LAW colleges, last dates of applications and all relevant test related alerts.

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