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How it Works

The Team

Our expert faculty is a well known, sought after team of acclaimed experts who have guided thousands of aspirants to their dream college. Valued as much for their attention to detail as they are celebrated for their conceptual mastery; our team of experts has worked tirelessly to deliver only the most comprehensive and quality test prep content to you.


Vineet Sharma

Vineet Sharma is a dynamic, client-driven training professional who has 3 years of experience in multidisciplinary fields. He is known for his voice & accent training and has a firm grasp of grammar.


Pranav Chauhan

MBA from Fore School with unlimited passion for teaching, he is the guide to bridge the gap between reading and comprehending.

Course Details

The LSAT Crash Course has been designed to improve your chances of getting admission into reputed law schools like the Jindal Global Law School, SVKM’s NMIMS institute of law. It includes live lecturesdoubt sessionsrecorded lectures, concept clarity videos, Telegram discussion group, assignments, e-books and national mock tests that have been specifically designed keeping in mind the concepts relevant to Reading Comprehension, Analytical Reasoning and Logical Reasoning sections of LSAT exam. The level of difficulty closely simulates the actual level of the exam. For these mocks you get AI based test analytics which help you outline your focus areas and strategize your preparation better.

This course program has been specifically designed to help you familiarize themselves with different types of concepts and questions that are relevant to the entrance exam. Make best use of the limited time available to learn shortcuts, tricks and other helpful tips from our expert faculty.

What you will learn

  • Coverage of all the different LSAT-India topics & concepts
  • Mocks that closely simulate the actual exam difficulty level
  • AI based test analytics
  • Shortcuts, tips and tricks to solve tricky questions
  • Time management strategies

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