How to crack UCEED

IIT-Bombay conducts UCEED for entry into various IIT campuses and other enrolled institutions for admissions to their B.Des course.
The moment you acknowledge that the UCEED is not a conventional design test and to crack it is very much possible, then you may be looking for UCEED exam tips. You will surf the internet to look for books and preparation materials. Before you go hammer and tongs for the exam, we are giving you some tips and strategies for UCEED.
The UCEED's ‘no drawing’ feature makes it unique from the many other design exams. The test demands from the candidates to have excellent Observation skills, Visual Ability, Ability to deduce from shapes & figures (Spatial Ability), Sensitivity to Design requirements and Social and Environmental awareness. It inspires many of those aspirants who are extremely good at analytical abilities but lack drawing skills. Though design aspirants with excellent sketching skills also test their talent in the UCEED.
From one of the many methods, the foremost is to observe your surroundings. There may be questions in MCQ's and MSQ's on the bases of your observational skills.
Once you develop a thinking ability to solve design-related issues, your affinity towards the UCEED will go higher.
Being updated with general knowledge is good anyways, but the first page reports may not be the only relevant knowledge for the exam. The questions in UCEED are asked from the news that matters to society.
You have to be curious about the many things that are around you from the design perspective, such as why doctors and lawyers wear a white and black coat. Why danger signals are painted red and why are school buses yellow. What is the reason for coloured dots at the bottom of a newspaper's page?  
Apart from these, several questions are based on Color Theory, Shapes and Spatial Ability, Artists and their Arts, 2D / 3D Visualization, General Aptitude which are also the part of other Design and Architecture entrance exams.
The core requirement for clearing the UCEED  exam is developing a sound strategy, and if you do so, you are half-way through for the exam preparations. So why wait? Start thinking, concoct a plan to qualify the UCEED.
I hope this article boosts you to do so.
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