SAT Question Paper

The College Board conducts SAT exams for admissions to undergraduate programs in the US and Canada. The exam is administered seven times a year in the US and five times a year in India. SAT is conducted to test a candidate's college readiness. SAT is a 3 hours duration exam. The College Board has discontinued SAT Essay and SAT Subject tests after June 2021 administrations. Candidates preparing for the next administration in October must refer to the previous year's SAT Question Paper, which will help them understand the pattern.
However, every candidate needs to understand and get familiar with the SAT Exam Pattern. Here solving SAT Question Papers helps you know the exam pattern, types of questions, level of difficulty, and topics that have been consistently asked in the previous years. Currently, SAT has two sections- SAT Evidence-based Reading and Writing and SAT Maths. Here are a few other essential details that a student needs to know about SAT exam.
SAT Exam Pattern Highlights
Number of sections
Four sections (2 from Reading and Writing; 2 from Math)
Duration of exam
3 hours
No. of questions
154 total questions
Score range
400-1600 points
Language of exam
Mode of exam
Pen and paper mode
Negative marking
SAT assesses the student's ability and measures them according to the skills they have learned in High School and their college readiness. The best way to prepare for SAT is to know what questions or subjects will be a part of the exam. Here are the subjects for which a student has to study while preparing for the SAT exam.
SAT Exam Pattern
Number of Questions
Evidence-based Reading and Writing
65 minutes
35 minutes
No Calculator
30 MCQs & 8 GRID-INS
80 minutes
With Calculator
15 MCQs & 5 GRID-INS
3 hours
SAT Reading Test
Reading is an essential skill that is needed to succeed in every area of your college and career. Students should already inculcate the habit of reading to have an in-depth knowledge of the English language through reading vigorously. The SAT Reading test includes:
  • One passage from the contemporary US or world literature.
  • US founding text comprises one of the passages.
  • Excerpts from social sciences, psychology, sociology, or economics.
  • Two science passages that consist of basic topics like Biology, Physics, or Chemistry.
SAT Writing and Language Test
In this section, a student has to attempt the examination while thinking from an editor's perspective. They will be given a text with deliberate errors to improve the passage with their understanding of the English language. This section includes a question on:
  • Multiple-choice questions based on the passages.
  • Some passages are accompanied by infographics such as graphs, tables, and charts where no Math is required.
  • The students will never be tested based on prior knowledge about topics.
  • This section tests the students' ability to understand the command of evidence and actively pursue it.
  • The SAT participants' will be tested on subjects like history, social studies, and science.
SAT Mathematics Test
The SAT math test is based on the problem-solving skills that the students have acquired during their years in High School. A student should have a complete understanding of how to use the tools effectively with the help of introductory algebra and math derivatives. These questions are based on mirroring the type of Maths that the students will have to deal with in college. This section is held in two parts- with a calculator and without a calculator. Here are some things that you have to keep in mind while attempting this section:
  • This section is a chance to show that the candidates can work flexibly, accurately, efficiently, and strategically.
  • Although the exam consists of multiple-choice questions, there are also grid-in types of questions to be filled in.
  • SAT conducting body mainly focuses on students to attempt the exam without a calculator to enhance their skills.
A student should have good knowledge about the SAT question papers and topics covered under them to strategize their preparation plan accordingly. For more information on the undertaking of SAT exam, a student can visit other pages on our website or even check out the official website of the College Board.
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