SAT Preparation Books

To prepare efficiently for SAT, aspirants need to study hard. SAT preparation books serve as a source of assistance for students who believe in self-study and practical learning. To achieve your target score, you have to study from the best books available for SAT. It will help you in practising and strategising your study plan at your convenience. The College Board has also released an SAT Study Guide, which allows the aspirants in understanding the exam and sections for better preparation. However, the SAT Study Guide is preferred to be the best among other SAT preparation books.
SAT Preparation Books
Finding the best SAT Preparation Book is challenging as every book has different pros and cons. Mentioned below are the best SAT Test Prep books list curated by our experts for your reference.
Let us now have a look at it –
The College Board’s Official SAT Study Guide
The official preparation book for SAT released by the College Board focuses on providing aspirants with all the important information about SAT. The book comprises exam pattern, sectional questions, tips and strategies and explanation to attempt answers in the test. It comes from the exam administrators, so it is popular among the students because of its authentic content, precisely as SAT exam. It also includes SAT Practice Test, which helps the aspirants better understand the SAT Exam.
Barron’s SAT
It is one of the best books for SAT preparation after SAT Study Guide. When an aspirant purchases Barron’s SAT preparation book, he/she gets access to all of Barron’s online study material. It is advantageous for students as they get the extra study material for free. The SAT preparation books contain practice tests that help students analysing their performance and work on their weak sections.
Kalli’s SAT Pattern Strategy
Kalli’s SAT Pattern Strategy covers SAT exam pattern, questions pattern and different topics. Other informing and helping students understand the exam pattern is also one of the best books for SAT Math preparation. The practice questions mentioned in the book are similar to the actual SAT exam questions. In addition, Kalli’s SAT pattern strategy provides a comprehensive explanation of the exam pattern and answers to each practice question, which helps in understanding the same and explains how to solve questions. The book also contains six full-length SAT practice tests for better preparation.
Kaplan SAT Prep Plus 2021
Kaplan is one of the best books for SAT preparation. Kaplan SAT Prep Plus provides detailed and clear guidance to students by providing them with SAT tips and strategies. The book comprises different full-length and sectional practise tests, tips and strategies to crack the exam, and more that will help the aspirant achieve the target.
The Princeton Review’s Cracking the SAT
The book by Princeton Review updates every year with new practice tests. The 2021 edition of the book contains 8 practise tests, tips and strategies, Online Tools to help students prepare for the exam. The tips and techniques to crack the exam are explained in detail to clear out all doubts of the students. It also contains comprehensive strategies, including algebraic functions and grammar rules, to clarify the students.
McGraw Hill Education SAT Elite
For years, McGraw Hill books have been helping students with SAT Preparation. SAT Elite is a comprehensive book that serves as a good preparation guide for the test-takers. The book not provides students with access to practice papers but explains the SAT exam pattern, question pattern, time limit and scores of each section. The book contains 5+ practice papers and study plans to help the test takers prepare well for the exam.
The books mentioned above have been the best in providing great help to the SAT test-takers in getting the best results. However, aspirants must know the tips and strategies to ace the exam to achieve their target score. Knowing the tips and strategy helps one prepare well and strategise their study plans according to their knowledge and skills. It also helps in improving your weak areas by providing access to practice tests to assess one’s performance.
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