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SAT or Scholastic Assessment Test is a standardised admission test conducted by the College Board. Students who wish to seek admissions to the undergraduate programs at prestigious universities in the US. SAT scores are acceptable in India and the US. However, different universities have different eligibility requirements. In India, the exam is conducted five times a year. As per students' exam date, they can choose to take SAT Online Coaching in advance.
SAT is a fundamental exam that assesses the students' college readiness and skills that are likely to be required in high school, college, and job. SAT assesses students based on two sections–Evidence-based Reading and Writing (EBRW) and Mathematics. The two sections are further divided into two subsections each. There was an optional essay section, which the College Board has discontinued after the June 2021 administration. The exam has 154 questions to be completed with 3 hours.
SAT Coaching
To prepare well for any exam, every student needs to adapt to the most trusted preparation methods. Besides following the provided study material, one needs expert guidance to clarify the concepts and different topics. Hitbullseye's expert faculty is here with SAT Online Coaching to help candidates in understanding the concepts, formulas, and ace the exam with efficiency.
The expert team has introduced effective teaching techniques and strategies that have proven effective in providing the best results to the students in their competitive exams. It has been a practical form of learning, which has taken coaching to a different level.  To provide you with an edge in learning, Hitbullseye's SAT Coaching is a complete solution for the best and thorough preparation for your next SAT administration.
Why take SAT Online Coaching?
Many students have the question in mind that why should they opt for online coaching than classroom coaching. Over time, different industries have taken a shift online, in which the Ed-tech industry has been prominent. Hitbullseye is the first to take the road online to provide the best education to the students preparing for different exams.
Conventional coaching has its benefits, but online coaching still tops the list and is a more effective form of learning for advancements. Here are the reasons why you must take SAT Online Coaching than classroom coaching –
  • Upon taking online coaching, students will save plenty of time in travelling to the institutes. This way you save the cost of travelling and can utilise the saved time in learning.
  • Learn at your pace and convenience with SAT Online Coaching! Since all of the study material is available online, students can access the study material anytime and anywhere at their convenience. Students can also revisit their lectures, which are uploaded in a few hours of their streaming.
  • SAT Online Coaching is cost-effective as compared to classroom coaching. It is because you are spending less on travelling, books and other tools, as you have everything available on your online classroom dashboard.
  • You also get to learn from your peers as you are added to the telegram group, where you can converse, discuss and clear your doubts with ease. Also, you can clear your doubts by entering your queries on the side panels while taking the live lectures.
Key Features of Hitbullseye's Online SAT Course
In this course, students will be provided with the full syllabus required for SAT. Based on the syllabus, study material will be provided for SAT Preparation. Being familiar with the syllabus will help the student know which of the sections and topics they have to study. Our expert faculty at Hitbullseye has come up with unique teaching and learning techniques keeping in mind different groups of students. Before the candidate purchases the SAT Online Course, they get a chance to attend the demo program where the prime features of the course are discussed.
Here are a few prime features of the SAT Online Coaching –
Live Lectures – Students get access to the online portal to get the schedule of their classes and study material. Students can directly attend the live lectures from their dashboard and can access them later also for revision. Students have a choice to attend weekend batches or weekday batches as per their schedule.
Comprehensive Study Material – Students get the complete study material curated by the expert faculty at Hitbullseye. It comprises eBooks, section-wise and chapter-wise notes, assignments, mock tests, practice papers and sample papers. Recorded video lectures are already uploaded on the website after they have been conducted. Thus, students can prepare at their own pace.
Mock Tests and Practice Papers –Students will solve mocks and practise papers prepared by the expert faculty. There are section-wise and chapter-wise mock tests and practice papers for clarity of concepts and overall revision. By solving these, students can analyse their performance and work on their weaker areas.
Doubt Clearing Sessions – Students get access to the telegram groups where there are teachers and students. You can clear all your doubts with ease. Post examination also, students get help from the experts in further interviews and group discussion sessions.
So, Online SAT Coaching is a good option to choose from if you look forward to learning at your own pace and convenience.
FAQs for SAT Online Coaching
There may be a few questions that every student might have in their head abou SAT Online Coaching. Here are a few answered to help you clear all your doubts.
Can I prepare for SAT from SAT online coaching?
Yes, you can thoroughly prepare for SAT from SAT Online Coaching. Hitbullseye’s Online Coaching is for SAT is comprehensive and consists of live/recorded lectures, e-books, and take several practise exams, all of which will properly prepare you for the SAT.
What is a live lecture?
The live lecture is a real-time classroom like lecture that the expert faculty conduct. You can attend your lectures bylogging in to your dashboard, where you can also put up questions to the teacher who is taking the class. If your question is not answered, you can ask them in the discussion group you are a member of when you have enrolled in SAT online coaching. You will get the notification for the live lecture where an expert teacher will take your class using the whiteboard and take your questions simultaneously.
What to do if I miss the live lecture?
If you have missed any of the lectures, do not worry, as you can access them later on your dashboard. After the lectures have been conducted, recorded lectures will be uploaded on the dashboad. However, you cannot ask any query simulataneously, but you can message or contact the concerned teacher later on.
If I purchase more than one course, can I access both from one account?
Sure you can! Upon buying one SAT programme, you can go for the other using the same credentials. However, the payment will be different for both the programmes which you can make using online mode.
Is the payment that I made secure?
We never store any of your data, such as your CVV and OTP's. The payment gateways are among the trusted ones, which are GooglePay, PayTM and PayU.
Is there any technical specification needed for utilising the SAT online course?
All you need is a laptop/desktop/mobile/tablet with a good internet connection for accessing the SAT online coaching.
Can I use mobile to access the SAT online course?
Yes, you can. The use of mobile with the same credentials you received in the welcome mail will be used from your mobile device to access the course you have enrolled in.
Is online coaching good enough to clear SAT?
Our SAT online coaching is better and advanced. The SAT courses provide complete and thorough preparation to students at every step of their practice. The mocks, assignments, and interactions with the faculty will prepare you in an advanced form. The analysis and assessment of your performance will help you prepare and improve your performance for qualifying for the SAT. 
Is there any difference between the SAT classroom and SAT online coaching?
Not really. There is not much difference between SAT conventional and SAT online classroom, but there will be a slight advancement in the SAT online coaching as there will be an all-time presence of faculty and experts to solve students' queries. SAT online coaching will be more economical as it is free of travelling costs and high scholarships. Thus,SAT online coaching is more recommended than the SAT conventional coaching.
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