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India has been a rich country when it comes to arts and culture. The description of sculptures, paintings and portraits, dance, music and singing has been found in Indian mythology. Poets, dancers, singers, and musical instrument players were among the major courtiers of kings and emperors. Even during the late medieval period, performing arts, such as plays, operas, concerts were a means of entertainment. These performers were highly regarded and affluent akin to today’s film stars and celebrities. 
These days performing arts has gained high popularity as a complete course, and many colleges and institutes run it as a full-fledged degree programmes. 
The performing arts course generally focuses on three major aspects of performance and entertainment- music, dance, and drama. The various colleges in India prepare students in performing arts by refining their skills and making them successful artists, as there are specializations available in any of these three.
The performing arts course is of three to four years, depending upon the institution or the college. The course is related to the entertainment industry and the techniques associated with it.
The skill set required for pursuing a career in performing arts are confidence, passion, hard work, commitment, ability to express, observant, patience, time management, innovation, stage presentation.
Eligibility Criteria for Performing Arts
The candidates who have completed their 12th class and have an active curriculum record during their schooling are eligible for taking admission in the graduation degree of performing arts. It also depends upon the institutes as they may check the academic record of the candidate as many institutes may look for 50-60% marks or demand a track record of previous works as a performing artist. 
Course curriculum for performing arts
 As mentioned above the performing arts colleges give specialisation in three domains, music, theater, and dance. Here are some of the topics that are covered under each of these domains.
Courses in Music
Raga Studies, Tala Studies , Fundamental Study of Hindustani Music, Fundamental Study of Tala, Western Music, Elementary Study of Tala, Elementary study of Hindustani Music, Analytical Study of Indian Classical Music, Intensive Study of Raga, Analytical Study of Tala and Shastra, Folk Music, Intensive Study of Tala, Rabindra Sangeet, World Music
Courses in Theater
Acting, Basic Computer Skills, Basics of Vocal Practice, Body Movement and Dance, Communication Skills, Introduction to Indian Theater, Yoga, History of Indian Theater, Practical Knowledge of Basic Ragas, Stage Craft and Design, Environmental Studies, Folk Theater Forms of India, Direction, History of Western Theater, Basic Concepts of Film Making, Indian Culture and Art, Event, Management, Mixed Martial Art, Theory of Direction and Stage Craft, Script Writing, Theater Production, Basics of Camera Light and Sound, Basics of TV Production, Project on Short Film, Sound Editing, Project on Commercial Advertisement, TV Production, Sound Recording, TV Production Lab, Film Theories
Courses in Dance
History of Dance, Choreography, Technique of Dance, Movement Techniques, Indian Culture, New Media & Performance Practice, Dance on Camera
After mastering your skills in any of these courses there are top recruiters which heir candidates for working with them. These are Hindustan Times Digital Streams, Universal Arts, Saregama India, BalaJi Telefilms, Viacom 18, Iris Mediaworks, and special programs for Doordarshan and All India Radio.
Careers in Music, Dance, and Theater after a course in performing arts are:-
Choreographer, Dancer, Actor, Music Teacher, Music Therapist, Theater Artist, Screen Play Writer, Broadcast Presenter, Arts Administrator, Dance Teacher, Theater Director and even try for working in the film industry.
Hope this article helps you in getting awareness regarding the performing arts.  
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