NID B.Des. and GDPD Scope & Placement

Does your love of colour, artistic eye & impeccable sense of style cause people to label you as a creative person—& you wear that label well. It is a label you embrace as you enjoy expressing your creativity & making things aesthetically pleasing. Have you found your calling in the diverse field of design & you want to know the options that would be open to you once you are done with your undergraduation.
Well, look no further, we have compiled an exhaustive list of various roles that will be open to you once you have received the requisite training & education.
The following is the scope of careers that are available to a design graduate:
1. Graphic designer
One of the most in-demand design professions out there is that of a graphic designer. Graphic designers are experts in creating design material for marketing collateral, product illustrations, brand identities & websites using computer softwares like the Adobe Creative Suite, among other things. They are expertly able to merge technical skill with artistic ability to create designs that communicate with their desired audience. Graphic designers may work independently as freelancers or contractors, in an in-house setting for a company or in an agency setting.
2. User experience (UX) designer
Roles of UX designers include making websites, mobile applications, software or video games which are easier to navigate & more intuitive for users to interact with. They study & evaluate how people feel about a particular system & design their product to cater to the preferences of the user. They may also analyze the specific components of the system such as usefulness, value, credibility & accessibility. For example, a UX designer might work with a retailer to update their product webpages & remove issues like long forms, hard-to-find buttons & visual clutter that can prevent users from making a purchase.
3. Interior designer
Professionals in this line of work deal with interior spaces, their aim is to improve the safety & functionality of a structure while improving the aesthetic appeal as well. For this, they may select colour schemes, modify furniture, flooring, experiment with the lighting & any other elements of a room or building available to them. Interior designers are also good at sketching their ideas & using design software to communicate their plans to architects, structural engineers & builders, who work in collaboration with them.
 4. Multimedia artist & animator
These professionals are involved in creating animations & special effects for movies, TV, video games & other forms of digital media—both 2-D & 3-D. They generally work in teams of animators & artists to bring ideas to life by using computer software or by coding. Some may work in studios or offices, while others are self-employed & prefer working from home.
5. Motion Graphics Designer
Closely resembling a multimedia artist or animator, the job description differs slightly. The job involves creating promo videos, explainer videos, products; mapping out scenes with a storyboard. They bring movement to images & texts & they might work in collaboration with animators. They tend to get a lot of freelancing work.
6. Art director
An art director works in a variety of different settings like magazines, newspapers, internet-based publications & advertising or public relations agencies, to name a few. Their roles include communicating with clients while supervising project budgets & timelines. They generally manage a team of design professionals, reviewing & approving all creative materials before presenting them to clients.
7. Advertising & promotions manager
Design professionals fulfilling this role tend to work in agencies & help organize campaigns for clients. One of the responsibilities of these individuals includes selling advertising space or time for media companies. They also work with sales departments to develop concepts for campaigns, partner with creative teams to produce layouts, negotiate contracts & prepare campaign budgets.
8. Fashion designer
Individuals who work in this field, design new clothing & accessories. Designs are sketched on paper & then colours, materials & textures of the final product are determined. Fashion designers study fashion trends by reviewing magazines & attending fashion shows. They then provide sample garments to sales representatives & agents in hopes of selling their collections.
9. Exhibit & Display Designer
An exhibit designer is someone who creates displays & fixtures for large exhibitions, shows, businesses, museums, libraries, & galleries. They are specially trained in the art of layout & design, & may work exclusively for a museum, gallery, or a private firm. Designers are responsible for an exhibit from start to finish, & will work closely with many people, including the client, other team members, contractors, & suppliers.
10. Architectural Designer
Drafting plans for houses, buildings, & outdoor spaces is all in a day’s work for an architectural designer. They translate concepts from engineers, architects, & clients into drawings & 3D models. They use software such as AutoCAD & Revit & are familiar with building codes & construction materials.
11. Furniture Designer
The Discipline of Furniture deals with the creation & evolution of objects, structures & systems at human scale that aims to improve the quality of life in the immediate living & working environment, while looking at sustainable & innovative use of diverse materials & processes.
12. Textile Designers
Textile Design graduates are employed with the textile manufacturing industry differentiated by a wide range of materials, products & markets. Some graduates are designer-entrepreneurs who establish their own companies in textiles & fashion. Some graduates join social-developmental projects, pursue higher studies or seek careers in academics.
Here is a list of the top recruiters for NID students as per the official NID website:
  • Wipro technologies
  • Whirlpool of India Ltd.
  • VIP Industries Ltd
  • Trident Group
  • Titan Industries
  • Toshiba, Japan
  • Philips
  • Adobe
  • Ashok Leyland
  • Cognizant
  • Hindustan Unilever
  • Honda R&D
  • IBM India Research Lab
  • Infosys Technologies
  • HP Labs
  • Wipro technologies
  • Whirlpool of India Ltd.
  • VIP Industries Ltd
  • Trident Group
  • Titan Industries
  • Toshiba, Japan
  • Philips
  • Samsung Design
  • Tata Motors Ltd
  • Zomato
  • Renault India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Oracle
  • Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.
  • J.P. Morgan
  • Mindtree
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