LSAT Mock Test Papers

With the LSAT Mock Test Series 2024, you will get the knowledge of the actual exam environment that will help you to have the exact idea of the LSAT and thus will help you to clear the exam.
The LSAT mock tests for exam preparation consist of four sections, featuring questions based on previous year's papers. The exceptional aspect of the Hitbullseye LSAT mock test is its cost-effectiveness, as it is available completely free of charge.
LSAT mock test is scheduled exactly as the LSAT, with the total solving duration of 2 hours and 20 minutes. The mock test has 92 questions which are the same as that of the exam. Now by solving the LSAT mock test, it will not only benefit you by giving you thorough practice, but it will also give you the percentile prediction of the exam.
LSAT Syllabus
The LSAT syllabus comprises questions that test logical reasoning, analytical reasoning, and reading comprehension. This exam is governed by the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) in the United States. Candidates must have successfully completed their 10+2 examination or have appeared for it. LSAT is conducted offline, and there is no penalty for incorrect or unanswered questions.
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Below is the tabular representation of the LSAT syllabus. Candidates must refer to these details before attempting the LSAT Mock Test.
Sr. No.
No. of Questions
Time Duration
Analytical Reasoning
35 minutes
1st Logical Reasoning
35 minutes
2nd Logical Reasoning
35 minutes
Reading Comprehension
35 minutes
4 Sections
92 questions
2 hrs 20 mins
LSAT Exam Pattern
Knowing the LSAT exam pattern is very important as it helps the aspirant be fearless even when the exam is near.
When it comes to the LSAT exam, it's crucial to understand that various law courses, such as 5-year integrated law (BA LLB), LLM, and LLB, may be available. While the exam pattern remains consistent, it's worth noting that the difficulty level of the questions might vary based on the specific course pursued.
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Medium of the Language
Exam Duration
2 hours 20 minutes
Question Type
No. of Questions
Score Pattern
Candidates will receive a scaled score between 420 and 480, a score band, as well as a percentile rank.
Marking Scheme
No negative marking
Total no. of sections
Sectional Time
35 minutes are allotted for each section
Candidates must keep track of the exam pattern as it may change and if he/she is unaware of such changes. There can be a loss of good opportunities.
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Since the LSAT does not have negative marking, we recommend you to even attempt those questions which you don’t know. Your chance of qualifying for the exam grows manifolds without having any adverse effect on your efficiency and marks.
So take the LSAT mock test, learn the time management skills for the exam, along with improving your chances of clearing the LSAT.
Good luck!!
How many LSAT practice tests should I take?
While preparing for the LSAT, how you take tests is way more important than how many practice tests you take. Focus on formulating a strategy while giving tests rather than counting the number of tests. However, to have a numerical figure, candidates must solve 30-40 LSAT practice tests in a few months to have a fair idea and hold over the exam.
How to take an LSAT Practice Test?
Candidates must have a clear mindset while attempting a mock test. Use a timer while attempting different questions and experiment with each section by getting out of your comfort zone to know where you stand. Also, use the questions that are previously asked in the exam.
Is the LSAT a difficult test?
LSAT is considered moderately difficult primarily because it tests the candidates based on critical and legal skills which the undergraduate students might not have developed yet. A proper schedule and strategy are required to crack even if LSAT is easier than CLAT.
How many times can I take the LSAT?
According to the LSAT eligibility criteria, candidates are permitted to take the exam three times in a single testing year. Five times in the current and five past testing years. So, candidates are allowed to take the exam seven times altogether.
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