Liberal Arts & Humanities

Liberal Arts and Humanities graduates are benefitted by experimental learning modules that are more practice-oriented. Many top-ranking universities in India offering Liberal arts and humanities degree courses have a transdisciplinary and integrative approach which helps in developing a critical thinking mindset.
Liberal Arts and Humanities majors:
Reputed private universities have broadened their Liberal Arts and Humanities graduate courses by offering different subjects as Majors:
Top Universities offering Liberal Arts Humanities
Majors/ Specialization Subjects
Azim Premji University
B.Sc. –Physics/ Biology/ Mathematics
B.A.- Economics/ Humanities
B.Sc. B.Ed. – Physical Sciences/ Life Sciences/ Mathematics (4 Year Dual Degree Programme)
Inter-Disciplinary Areas- 1) Development 2)Sustainability 3) Education 4) Media, Society & Development
Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts (SSLA)
B. A (Liberal Arts)/ B.Sc. (Liberal Arts)
Mathematics & Statistics/ Media Studies/ Computer Studies/ Psychology/International Relations/ Economics/ Anthropology/ Political Science & Public Policy/English/Economics.
Flame University
B.A – Economics/Psychology/ Literary & Cultural Studies/ International Studies/ Environmental Studies/ Journalism/ Public Policy/ Sociology
Christ University
B.A (Liberal Arts)- Literary & Cultural Studies/ Media Studies/ Psychology/ International Relations & Political Science/ Economics/ Business Studies, Marketing & Tourism/ Historical Studies & Material Culture
Ashoka University
B.A (Hons.)- English & Creative Writing/ Economics & History/ English & Media Studies/History & International Relations/ Politics & Society
B.Sc.(Hons.)- Comp. Science & Entrepreneurial Leadership/ Mathematics & Comp. Science
Shiv Nadar University
B.A (Research)- English/History/Sociology/ International Relations
Liberal Arts and Humanities Degree Jobs:
Top Multinational companies hire candidates having Liberal Arts and Humanities degrees as they are more likely to possess soft skills such as critical thinking, communication skills and creativity. In today’s work scenario where the employees have diverse backgrounds there is a need for leaders who are empathetic and have high emotional quotient. A student who has done Liberal Arts and Humanities majors will be able to get some high paying jobs that would offer him many learning opportunities. Depending upon one’s area of specialization liberal arts graduates can be hired by government offices or top private companies for research activities.
Let’s have a look at some of top highest paying Liberal Arts Degree jobs:
  • Economist
  • Sociologist
  • Archaeologist
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Psychologist
  • Human Resource Directors
  • Writer/ Journalists
  • Graphic Designer / Artist
  • Teachers/ Professors/Researchers
  • Social Workers
Note: There are a number of career options after one completes B.A (Hons.) Liberal Arts. These Liberal Arts graduates can pursue higher studies at any foreign university. Creative individuals can venture into Media, Journalism, Fine Arts, Performing Arts, or Design architecture. After obtaining a thorough understanding of liberal arts humanities subjects such as Political Science, economics, sociology, philosophy etc. candidates are more inclined to venture into governance, civil services and entrepreneurship.
Top Reasons to pursue Liberal Arts and Humanities Degree:-
  • Liberal Arts and Humanities Degree provides a platform to learn some interesting courses such as “Art of Story Telling”, “ Art of Commentary”, “Public Speaking”, “Creative writing”, “Logical Thinking”, “Folk Art” etc. offered by Jyoti Dalal School of Liberal Arts (NMIMS)
  • If a student intends to pursue B.A Liberal Arts Humanities from Azim Premji University then he/ she gets an opportunity to study subjects such as History, Language, Literature, and Philosophy.
  • Along with Liberal Arts Humanities majors, students also can choose from subjects offered as Minors in Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts. Subjects such as Women and Gender Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies, Performing Arts and Law are offered at this reputed university.
  • Some of the unique courses that FLAME University provides to Liberal Arts and Humanities students are Critical reasoning, Academic Writing, and I.T. Literacy which help the student to develop an analytical approach and enhance their learning experience.
  • Christ University offers a Liberal Arts Programme with a vast portfolio of academic disciplines such as Historical Studies, Arts, Cultural Studies, Media Studies, Psychology, Global Economics, etc. thus enabling a student to have an innovative approach to complex business problems. Students have to appear for CUET to secure a seat at Christ University which is considered as one of the top universities in south India.
  • The School of Humanities & Social Sciences at Shiv Nadar University has an array of undergraduate courses for students who intend to explore cultural and historical aspects of the society with a view to developing a critical mindset.
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