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There are several law entrance exams in India for admission to National law universities (NLU) and other affiliated or government colleges. One of the most famous law entrance exams is CLAT for admission to 22 NLUs, whereas, for admission to NLU, Delhi, there is a separate law entrance exam known as AILET. Additionally, MH CET law is the biggest law entrance exam for admission to more than 140 law colleges in Maharashtra. Some other main law entrance exams include SLAT, PU LLB, DU LLB etc.
These popular law exams include a Legal Reasoning section in common, which has a weightage of 35-39 questions in the exam on average and tests the candidate's interest in the study of law. This section carries around 25% marks weightage in most of these exams and assesses the candidate's legal knowledge and aptitude to the utmost level. It also covers important topics from contract law, criminal law, tort law, constitutional law, family law, general legal principles, and international treaties and conventions that have an impact on the national legal framework. It also covers important Supreme Court judgements and recent acts and legislative amendments.
LawScope - India's Best Law Monthly Magazine for Law Students
Monthly compilation of Legal Judgments, Current Affairs Legal Snippets for law Exams
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Legal Reasoning is one of the most frequent and significant components of any law entrance exam, and it is vital for CLAT. Any law entrance exam will have a legal reasoning section to assess a candidate's capacity for research and problem-solving.
Candidates taking law examinations must, therefore, always keep themselves acquainted with the most recent legal developments. With new modifications and enactments occurring often, there are numerous changes going on in the existing laws. To better grasp the passages on the CLAT exam, it is crucial for students to read and comprehend these changes.
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Hitbullseye has created Law Scope -a fantastic Legal current affairs magazine that is available on a monthly basis to help our students stay on the cutting edge.
Law Scope is organised intelligently with a clear classification of pertinent topics. Due to its thorough description and analysis of recent events, this lawyer magazine is already quite well-liked among law students. In this lawyer magazine, we cover all significant news stories that have legal repercussions for the month.
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This legal magazine for law students will cover the following:
  • Important Court Judgements and Orders
  • Exploratory Information on certain laws
  • Bills and Acts
  • Important Current Affairs
  • Any key event
  • Further reading links for advanced reading of the topics
  • Multiple Choice Questions for practice
Main purpose and Benefits of Legal Magazine:
  • To provide a comprehensive guide for students preparing for the various competitive law exams such as LLB, LLM, Additional District Attorney etc.
  • It focuses on legal developments independently.
  • Judgments from various important sources are taken, such as the official website of the Supreme Court of India, the Press Information Bureau and PRS Legislative Research.
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This approach makes it easier to study the legal current affairs as they are independent of the other gk news.
Law Scope magazine's current issue is free to download for all law exam aspirants. Just simply click on the link below and download the currently available copy now:
Download Hitbullseye's Monthly Law Scope Magazine for Legal Current Affairs for all Law Exams!
If an aspirant wants all previous copies of Law Scope, the same may be purchased from our website or from Amazon. The magazine will be made available for the previous 12 months.
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