JIPMAT Previous Year Question Papers

JIPMAT Previous Year Question Paper
When the preliminary answer key is ready, the JIPMAT question paper for 2024 will be available. Candidates can get the JIPMAT answer key in the form of a PDF file by going to the official exam website (jipmat.nta.ac.in) on the dates and times listed in the schedule. Participants in the exam must sign in with their credentials, which are their registration number, password, or date of birth. Candidates who haven't started studying can get a copy of the JIPMAT questions from last year by going to the National Testing Agency's website (nta.ac.in). The JIPMAT question paper PDF is also mentioned further on this page.
JIPMAT Previous Year Question Papers Download Link
JIPMAT Previous Year Question Papers
Using the JIPMAT question paper from previous years can help candidates prepare better. By going over the question paper for the JIPMAT test, you will learn about the format of the test, the most important topics, the level of difficulty, and the waypoints given, among other things. This page has PDF downloads of JIPMAT study materials, such as BBA test prep guides and the question paper from the JIPMAT exam from the previous year.
JIPMAT Question Papers
We put together the papers from the previous year to help students prepare for the JIPMAT 2025 exam. There are many ways these papers can help students, and students may benefit from them. The students can see how the questions are set up and how hard they are. Using the JIPMAT question papers, you can figure out how hard each test part is. This will help you improve your speed and accuracy when answering questions on the test. We're giving you a PDF of last year's JIPMAT test questions so you can do better on this year's test.
You can win prizes if you check and answer the questions on the papers that have been given to you. You can use a stopwatch to see how well you did in real-time and how well you managed the time for each section. With the help of the papers, you'll better understand how the questions and tests have changed over the years.
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Benefits of Solving JIPMAT Previous Years Question Papers
There are several reasons to review the previous year's questions. Candidates may want to consider the following advantages.
  • The more you do anything, the better you will become at it since practice makes perfect. Questions from the previous year may be answered by using the same rule. You'll be able to do better on examinations if you practise solving problems regularly.
  • This is critical if you want to be prepared for the test. Studying previous year's exam questions is an excellent way to brush up on your knowledge of what to expect on test day. There is still a lot of uncertainty, as you can see from last year's papers, and you'll need to prepare well ahead of time.
  • Additionally, you'll learn more about your strengths and weaknesses by working through previous test papers. When you look back at earlier questions, it's easy to identify where you struggle and where you excel.
  • You'll learn how to better manage your time by resolving papers from last year. The most crucial component of every competitive test is time management. Thus learning how to manage time is the key to success. If you finished a sample paper in approximately 80 minutes on your first attempt, it is probable that on your second attempt, you will complete it in about 60 minutes.
JIPMAT 2024: Sectional Weightage
The table below mentions the JIPMAT 2025 sectional weightage:
Number of questions
Quantitative Ability
Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning
Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension
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Besides JIPMAT Question Papers, the candidates need to solve JIPMAT Mock Tests. Mock Tests help the candidate analyse their performance and understand the exam difficulty. Previous year question papers and Mock Tests have similar benefits; however, both play a significant role in better preparation. Let us discuss a little about JIPMAT Mock Test.
JIPMAT 2025 Mock Test
When it comes to preparing for the exam, the JIPMAT mock tests are a better way to practice than answering questions from a question paper. This is because the practice tests give you an idea of what the real test will be like. Candidates can use a computer to keep track of their time as they take a practice test that looks like a real test. Candidates get the chance to take practice tests. Before taking the real test, the candidates go through a simulation that is the same as the test. As a result of this activity, candidates can better manage their time and learn how to solve problems when stressed.
How to Attempt JIPMAT Mock Test for Free?
Candidates must follow the steps mentioned below to take JIPMAT mock test on NTA's website:
  1. Visit the official website of NTA
  2. Click on the 'Mock Test' tab from the home page
  3. Register with NTA followed by selecting the exam type and paper name
  4. Click the 'Start' button to begin with the JIPMAT mock test
Candidates can visit the official JIPMAT website for further information. Also, after logging onto Hitbullseye's website, candidates can access a wide range of mocks, sample papers and JIPMAT question papers.
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