IPMAT Indore 2022 Analysis | IPM Indore Analysis

IPMAT is held by IIM Indore for admission to its five-year integrated program in management (IPM). Thousands of aspirants take the exam every year with the hope of getting securing their seat in the reputed B-school. This year, IPMAT was conducted on 2nd July, 2022, and its result is yet to be announced.
After the exam, candidates are eager to examine their performance and estimate their prospects. Hence, our experts have come up with a detailed section-wise analysis of IPMAT 2022.
IPMAT IIM Indore 2022: Overall Analysis
IPMAT is a national-level test conducted in an online mode. It is devised to check the candidate’s expertise in quantitative and verbal ability. The test consists of MCQs and short-answer (SA) questions. Although there have been pattern changes in IPMAT over the last few years, its difficulty level remains more or less the same. IPMAT 2022 was slightly more difficult than the previous year exam. Listed below are the key features of IPMAT 2022:
  • Total no. of questions: 90
  • Time Duration: 120 minutes
  • Time limit per section: 40 minutes
  • 4 marks awarded for each correct answer
  • 1 mark deducted for each incorrectly answered MCQ
  • No negative marking for short-answer questions
Illustrated below is the complete sectional break-up of IPMAT 2022:
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IPMAT IIM Indore 2022: Exam Structure & Pattern
No. of Questions
Time Limit
Quantitative Ability (SA)
40 minutes
Verbal Ability
40 minutes
Quantitative Ability (MCQs)
40 minutes
120 minutes
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IPMAT IIM Indore 2022: Sectional Analysis
IPMAT 2022 was a blend of moderate and high-difficulty level questions. The quant section was considered tougher than last year's exam, whereas the verbal questions were of easy to medium level. There were MCQs and short-answer (SA) questions from both areas. Given below is the detailed analysis of the three sections:
1. Quantitative Ability (SA)
This is generally the first section of IPMAT. In 2022 exam, Quant short-answer questions were tougher than expected and there were 2-3 questions from Trigonometry, 3-4 questions from functions, 3-4 from Sequence and Progression and 1-2 questions from Matrices.There was one question on profit and loss also. As expected this section was dominated byhigher mathsand candidate’s strong conceptual understanding in these areas could have helped him to nail the section.
Since there is no penalty in this section, an attempt of 9+ questions correctly would lead to a high score.
2. Verbal Ability
Verbal section was the easiest and most scoring section of IPMAT 2022.  Most of the students were able to attempt at least 30 questions. There were 5 short-answer questions and 40 MCQs in this section. These questions were asked from a variety of topics like RC, Para-jumbles; Fill in the Blanks, logical sequence, sentence correction, etc. The paper featured 2 short RCs passage accompanied by six questions each. The RCs passages were based on science such as discovery & vaccination.
An attempt of 35+ questions with good accuracy fares well for the section.
3. Quantitative Ability (MCQs)
Quant MCQ section wasmoderate in level .There were questions from different topics like TSD, Probability, HCF,Alligation, Ratioetc. There was one question on circular arrangement based on permutation. One AR block (5 employees, one store, there working day’s etc.) was also there on which there were 5 questions. This block was bit time-consuming but the one who had spent some time would definitely have got all 5 questions correct. There were a few questions on Trigonometry; matrices etc. though higher math was very less in this QA section.
An attempt of 17+ questions with high accuracy is sure to fetch a good score in the section.
Overall, IPMAT Indore 2022 can be aced with a score of 205+ in total.
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